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  1. thanks for givin it a try plasma-- don't know why i have these issues, but at least i have a workaround.
  2. I tried the easy option and just plugged a 60 w incandescent bulb in parallel with the strobes....worked like a charm. So i put a spotlight holder around the back of the house with just a regular bulb... comes on with the strobes-- no one sees it since it's around back. Thanks for the suggestion!!
  3. I have 4 controllers-- the original is in a metal box, the one i bought the next year is in plastic, but getting cat 5 in was a PAIN, and the screw to open it was square drive only. The 2 units i bought the next year have a nice hole in the bottom for the cat 5, and have phillips screws to close. It's obvious the LOR gets different enclosures, when available. Colin
  4. Plasma: try a fade-- a longish fade-- like maybe 3 seconds or longer on another channel while the strobes are firing. That's when i'm experiencing the problem. Another time i fire the strobes, it's fine, cause there's no channels fading.
  5. Have several strobes from christmaslightshow.com in my megatree. At the end of one of my sequences, i have the strobes on for maybe 3-5 seconds, and the rest of the megatree is fading out. This causes a few of the channels to flicker when they fade. I thought maybe there was interference, so i ran the strobe plug out of the tree to an LOR unit that is not in the tree, nor controlling any channels in it-- when i did this, now the lights on the house/window are flickering (they're fading out at the end too). Can strobes not be on when the other channels are fading? I checked my sequence editor, and the strobes have no fade-- they're on 100% during that portion of the sequence. If i unplug the strobes altogether, the fade is perfect. Colin
  6. Funny, i'm having a similar issue on a fade at the end of a sequence. I'm using my 4th LOR unit (had it at the old house, never go around to using it). I am going to try a lot of the suggestions listed here and see if it's related to the cat5 cable's position...etc. The one thing when i notice it-- i have my strobes in my mega turned on, while the house is doing a long fade. Not sure if the strobes are related-- they're on at 100% the whole time. Colin
  7. what brad has suggested i think works best. Just put a radio next to your video camera so the tape has an audio track on it. When you edit the video, put the original wav or mp3 file in an audio track in the editing program. Sync it up with the audio track from the video tape. Once it's sync'ed, mute the original track and you'll have a clean, noise free audio track. I think that's the one thing that drives me nutz about watching people's videos-- when the pic is great, but the audio sounds terrible. Colin
  8. wow... didn't realize the LOR had native control for x10 stuff... so if i buy a cm11a (found some on ebay--do the RCA ones work???) and plug that in to the machine that runs my LOR via the serial cable, can i just plug the static stuff right into the front of the cm11a module, or do i have to have remote modules? and if i need remote modules, do these black and decker outdoor modules work ok? ( http://www.smarthome.com/2000BE.html ) Colin
  9. i found a black and decker outdoor plug... but what would i use on the pc side?
  10. Last year was my first LOR year, and i used a lamp timer with digital control and tried to get it to the same exact time as my computer that was running LOR. I had a light sign with the station numbers on it and the fm transmitter plugged into it. This year i also plan to have a sign with a spotlight pointing at it--is there anything that i can trigger by the pc (and still be reasonably priced), so that the LOR show and the static lights as such will come on exactly the same time? Colin
  11. being that i'm kind of "borrowing" your whole layout... i don't think i have a problem with that! Colin
  12. ahh... right... that makes sense. I ran to home depot and lowes at lunch to look for extension cords --heavy duty to run my LOR unit right at the base of the tree. Also saw lotsa good outdoor rated splitters there... just nothing with 6 outlets. I've been thinking about the animation stuff, and i had an idea for the one color that's essentially on or off... since i'm using 2 channels, i could put every other on the first channel, and then the alternates on the 2nd channel that i use for that one color, so if you switched back and forth while animating the other color, could add an interesting effect.... just an idea. Colin
  13. Brian, I've been thinking a lot of how you're setting yours up, and i've been calculating amps..etc. seems to work out pretty good. The one question i have for you is how are you going to physically connect 18 strands of lights together onto one channel? The only way i could think of is to string sets of 3 together and then use a 6 way power strip? Colin
  14. Brian, so it sounds like you're starting from the base and going up to a hook at the top and terminating right next where you started on the base, correct? Then repeating that another 35 times around, right? I understand what you're doing with the white--that makes sense... so let's forget about the white for now. So if you just did it with the green, each green set of lights would be folded in half, essentially giving you two "strings" up to the hook at the top... so taking 3 sets of lights and plugging them together into the one LOR channel would essentially give you 6 "strings" wide of green lights going from the base to the hook at the top? Colin
  15. hmmm... i didn't even think about having one color just all connected to one channel (or 2).... that's an idea. I don't understand all this coming back down the same side stuff. what is the reasoning (advantage/disadvantage) of going down the same side? do you go down the same slice, (like going up and down both at "6 o'clock", or like going up at 6 o'clock, and coming back down at 3 o'clock?) i figured i would go down the opposite side--up at 6 o'clock, down at 12.... up at 9 o'clock, down at 3...etc. What is the rating of max lights on one channel? i assume about .9 amps? Colin oh, also mcnamara-- i'm trying to figure out your exact count of 72 strands... confused me a bit with that post.
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