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  1. Thanks mate.. I found a better way. I managed to update the time through the HU when con ected to my controller.
  2. When I put the SD in the mini-director.. what time it takes in? The real-time, or the time when I created the SD? CUrious how that works
  3. I saw this before posting and Im false on 3 out of the 4 conditions. Thanks, I will.
  4. Hi, I think there is a bug in the HUB. If you try making a show on the SD card and putting a scheduled times and typing the ON times of the show (and not selecting from the drop down list), after doing all that and creating the SD card you will get an "Overflow error" message". When choosing times from the drop down list, it works just fine. I have 2 LOR1602GMP3 controllers connected together with only one mp3 director running the show. running 5.3.12 version. I dont know where to post the bug so im posting it here. @DevMike
  5. At that post I didnt ask about connecting them to my PC, both at a time. Actually I did what you told me and I made my show (infront of thousands). Now I just asked about why they are not connecting together to my PC.
  6. I didnt get a clear answer then, not trying to be rude, but i'm a newbie and you have to talk to me with the simple language. But I appreciate your help mate. Its all clear to me now. Merry Christmas!
  7. With all that have been said, can I run a show from my PC that includes the two 1602g3mp3 controllers?
  8. Yes its critical for me. I want to set the internal clock of the director as my PC, and I want to set my show exactly at midnight at new years eve. I know I can reverse it by a minute but I think it is a bug and it can be fixed by the developers here..
  9. There is no 00 option to choose. They tell you that 12:00 AM is midnight. But when you put 12AM and move it to the SD card, and then try editing an existing SD card, it shows 12PM.
  10. "With 2 networks, you will NOT see both controllers at the same time in the HU, matter of act, you will never see more than ONE Controller at a time in the HU. Each change of the network comm port requires a refresh each time to find the controller on that network. " This is the sentence I was looking for! Thanks a lot mate!
  11. "then first controller cat5 {Cat5 cable #2} to 2nd controller" It doesn't matter to which input/output I connect them together? because I can only connect 2 cat5 cables to each controller, one to network1 and the second to network 2. Do you have any picture explaining the input outputs?
  12. I have two LOR1602Wg3-MP3 controllers connected together (by cat5 cable - both to NEtwork1). I just received the USB-RS485-HS adapter and I dont know how can I connect my two controllers to my PC. I managed to connect to only one of them only after connecting to where the other controller was connected. How can I see my two controllers on my PC?
  13. Hi, When creating my show on an SD card, I want it to run from 4:30PM to 12:00 AM. But when doing that schedule, my show doesnt turn off at midnight. Tried editing the existing show on my SD, and saw that it is set to 12PM instead of 12AM. Tried getting it back to 12AM but when I try to edit it again, I see it set to 12PM. I had to set it to 11:59PM so it turns off now at that time. Im running the version 5.3.6 (still didnt update).
  14. I tried now connecting two lor1602g3-MP3 together and they worked while i put the SD only in one. It worked as I expected. I dont know if this is okay. However when I tried connecting lor1602g3-MP3 <--> lor1602g3 it didn't work. I guess because I need to configure the lor1602g3-MP3 to be in the end..
  15. Wow. I appreciate the help!! Thanks a lot!
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