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  1. this whole week ive been trying to think of a way to mount my pvc to the ridges of my house without drilling holes for the holiday coro clips... which several have broken on me, after a few months,,, i found these on an old christmas expo video.. how are these? anyone on here use them? https://www.cannysystems.com/
  2. ALSO! Save you some money, go ahead and order some vegetable glycerin and distilled water. I mix mine 75/25..... it’s thick.
  3. YES! this one has the full drum roll I couldn’t find last year! can I please have this also? weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com
  4. In this case, my cross is new. and there is nothing to pair it to..... I did not have any previous sequencing done on it though... I just want some more detailed info on this screen. I can’t afford to lose stuff again. This will be the 3rd time having to resequence songs if anything is archived. just looking for info on the screen so I won’t mess anything up....
  5. let’s say I created a group, sequenced half of a song with effects on that group. what happens with this screen comes up and there is a NEW group? Will it archive what I’ve already done if there is nothing to pair it to? same goes for new props.... if I add a prop, sequence it, save and close. Will this screen come back up? A new prop will have nothing to pair it to. if anyone has a link with full details on this screen, it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I’m getting a clipboard problem when trying to copy a row of motion effects. it says “object reference not set to and instance of an object.”..... no clue what that means... 🤣 how can I get rid of this.
  7. Sent. 16 channels. All beats.
  8. This is off topic. Thank you for the help with that. If needed, I can put in a new thread..... everything to music is based off of timings.... would it be possible to get more effects that was able to “fit to duration?...” maybe add a chase feature. Add fit to duration to things like Scanner that doesn’t have it. Idk how hard that would be.
  9. I believe We are going to copy and paste it from a non ME row.
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