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  1. I would like this also, I promise not to share, weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com
  2. Can I have this James? I promise not to share. weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com
  3. That’s very creative! I’m pretty sure I can find one of those. I don’t have the yard for all those....my next one will though!... my wife is going to be mad when we start 2nd house shopping and I say,,, “I can’t run my lights on that one” 😂
  4. wow. this stuff sold out FAST... didnt have a chance.....
  5. thats a lot of trampolines! and these look pretty simple to build.
  6. Nice job man! Thanks for that! It’s pretty cool! His was the first house I’ve seen with them.
  7. This is Jerry Hite YouTube. He’s in Lexington SC, about an hour from my house. IDK if he’s in here or not.. I’ve watched a few of his videos off my wife’s Facebook. He goes into some details on Facebook... And he’s been on the local news a lot.... he has raised SEVERAL thousand dollars for the make a wish foundation..I’ve seen him on the news several times...... Check out his fan blades he made in front of his house this past year . pretty cool. https://m.youtube.com/user/golferdad100/featured
  8. Thanks!! My first singing props!! And yeah. Due to the lighting and my iPhone camera, you can’t really see the colors. These are all 3 node smart modules that JR uses on his house. He recommended them. but they took a month and 2 days to get here from China. This is only my second year,, I wanted to go on and jump right into pixels before I ended up with 10 AC controllers.. I’ve still gotta get the pumpkins, the pumpkin lights. And 1 more dumb controller.... as far as my house outline, I have everything I need but a few more lights. I’m waiting on my Holiday Coro pigtails and power supplies for power injection points..... JR helped me the other night with some of my channel conflicts, and after that.,, NONE of my house outline was working. I figured it out though.! Your sequence looks amazing! I may request it so I can get the beats.... I’ve got 32 spare channels. I just don’t know what route I’m going to take as far as Using the AC controllers.
  9. Got it! Had to get my wife to upload it for me. I don’t have any accounts.... me and my bride aren’t your normal millennials all our friends call us the old people. im still working on the motions. ( don’t pay attention to those!) But I believe I’m done with the singing faces. Just took the video with my iPhone.
  10. How are you guys recording your screen for YouTube videos? And how to you put the license stuff for the music in so the sound will not get deleted on YouTube and Facebook?
  11. I will post what I have up tomorrow. I have 2 singing faces done. And over half of my house outline done all with motion effect.... I haven’t figured out what I’m going to use for my beats in the yard. But I have 32 channels to play with there. I’m happy to have some channels left over this year!
  12. I am going with the 2 pixie 8s..... i was planning on using 1 channel for the roof. and 1 channel for the facia.... for easier sequencing... I have both controllers set for the unit ID 01 and 02. some of my lights came in.. i only ordered 200 to start with.... after testing. I realize i am going to have to power inject every 40 nodes for a full bright white the roof will be 142 nodes if i space them 2 inches apart with 4 PI points. 119 if i space them 3 inches apart. with 3 PI points. will this be okay? Does the PIs take some of the load off of the 350w meanwell power supply? based off of JR's longest run of around 150 of these, Im thinking this will be okay. I dont really wanna seperate the roof and facia. IDK how sequencing half the roof and half the facia would be... i think it would be a touch more aggravation.
  13. YESSSSS!!!! Nice job on both videos guys! I’ll upload mine when done. Haven’t had much time to work on it tonight.
  14. if you want to PM me your email, i can send you what i have.. i have been working on it for about 2.5 hours. i can send you what i have so far. i think i am catching on pretty fast. the beats are pretty much the same. I dont have all of it... i may be able to finish it up tonight or tomorrow night. just 1 singer right now....
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