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  1. We are using 3 ac boxes... 47 channels running Katie perry, firework, owl city fireflies, fireworks drum beat, r.o.c.k in the USA, owl city good times and milie Cyrus party in the USA.... email us for info...
  2. Well, here is my song list . Enjoy. I have a home brew led animation using 6 channels. Thriller, Ghost busters, Bad Guy - Billie Eilish, The hearse song -Harley Poe, Heathens - 21 pilots, Mephisto’s lullaby - Xtortion Audio, Nightmare -Vairo, If I we’re a Zomby - Stephanie Maybe, Spookie Jack - Razihel & Varien, The Purge - Macpro... hope this list helps someone out... Video is posted on Facebook under Jan Young Findlay Ohio... i tried to post video here but didn’t, take, file to large, any thoughts on how to share this?
  3. Has anyone used this before? I ran it last year and had fon with my Halloween display. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_UcqtX9xWLg&autoplay=1 Let me know who is interested.
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