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  1. The director is powered by the controller. I should be able to figure something out. Only trying to use one timer for light show and one timer for my other Christmas decorations.
  2. Thank you! I was wondering. Only other thing is that each controller has 2 power cords to be plugged in. I’m guessing I could plug them all in together using one timer since I’m running all LED. The electrical load shouldn’t be an issue.
  3. I plan on using 3 controllers this year. First time using LOR. Purchased the showtime central, singing trees, and am using the Mini director and fm transmitter. If I am wanting to use more than one controller hooked up to a mechanical timer what is this special cable I need? Or would it be better If i just hooked up each controller to timer and then just ran the CAT 5 cable to each? I attached a picture of what it says on LOR website. Did not want to create a ticket through help desk. Thank you in advance
  4. Dibblejr I am also new to using the singing Christmas trees this year. Could you also send me a picture of how you did the bracing for them?
  5. I’ve been having the same issue. And when I get the motion pak added to the sequence the audio goes away. I was told from help desk a new version release of software will be coming out soon to fix the issue.
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