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  1. TitusCarnathan

    TC71 Lost sequences after reload

  2. Version: 5.0.20 Software: Sequence editor Issue: After you save a sequence and reload it you will get this as seen in the picture below, in addition if you create a matrix you get a different error "intensity error while loading sequence" once I removed my matrix that issue went away however even after creating a new sequence all the data just removes it self and makes the sequence basically unusable.
  3. TitusCarnathan

    TC70 Corrupts Preview file

    Take a sequence from s4 and import the block style animation. then go in to manage previews and edit a prop and change it from bulbs to Star. then save it and exit out of the preview design then go back into edit it. You will get this error (see below) followed by Sequence editor crashing. Anytime you try to use that same preview it will immediately crash the program. ERROR "The application experienced an unexpected error and is about to close. If you decide to create a help ticked at """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Then it gives the location of the TRACE file. If you want that file I can get it to you.
  4. TitusCarnathan

    TC70 Corrupts Preview file

    Version: 5.0.18 Program: Sequence editor OS: Windows 10 64bit Pro Issue: If you take a sequence that was converted from S4 and change an old "prop" to the Star it will corrupt the preview file.
  5. TitusCarnathan

    Toggle button

    Thanks Matt.
  6. TitusCarnathan

    HOA said NO to my sign

    I'm sorry I couldn't resist. How do you know the carp (fish) they pull is stupid, isn't it kind of rude to call a fish stupid? And why are they pulling carp anyway.
  7. TitusCarnathan

    Toggle button

    Thanks for adding it back in. Is it possible for it to be setup to work with the G key again?
  8. TitusCarnathan

    Xmas tree fail...

    I wouldn't recommend using thin wall (emt) for a mega tree mast. I would either use ridged or iron pipe. I use 1.5" iron pipe for my 20ft tree.
  9. TitusCarnathan


    CG1500 enclosure and this http://www.holidaycoro.com/Light-o-Rama-LOR-PixCon-16-Mounting-Kit-p/638-kit2-pc.htm
  10. TitusCarnathan

    Channel names

    I can separate them, I figured it would be easier to combine them into one.
  11. TitusCarnathan

    TC 05 Color Wash

    Didn't realize that was by design. Is it possible for this to be added as a feature even if there's a checkbox added in for use only white strands?
  12. TitusCarnathan

    Channel names

    I have another feature request unless I'm missing something. This one is for creating Non RGB channels If I create a prop that has multiple channels, eg. I created a custom prop that has my 12 mini trees all together in one prop, and each one is 4 channels. It's hard to tell which mini is which because it names them eg. mini trees: R28 c14 white eg... is it possible to change the name of the individual channels or even better yet could it be added so that it gave you an option to use the number that you used in the custom grid instead of that R# C#
  13. TitusCarnathan

    TC 05 Color Wash

    Software: Sequence editor Version: 5.0.4 Issue: If you are creating a color wash on non RGB channels and you select white it leaves the other colors on for the element. Since it's a non RGB device it shouldn't rely on red green and blue being on to create a white effect.
  14. When you are creating a prop Is it possible for it to tell you if you are trying to use channels that are already associated to another prop. E.G. If I'm trying to create a prop that uses 8 channels and I set it to use Controller 3 channels 1 to 8 but 1 and 2 are already in use is it possible to have the program give you a warning or have it automatically start at the next unused channel?
  15. TitusCarnathan

    Newest Build

    I use rslogix 500 and 5000 at work, Allen Bradley products are great but expensive. I do maintenance work on baggers and various other packing equipment. We do have two machines with Siemens plc's and HMIs and a robot with a Schneider electric hmi but if I remember that robot has a AB plc. Everything else we have runs on Allen Bradley PLCs.