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  1. Would LOR consider adding round pixels packages to the sale as well? I really need a 16x100 pixel set 12v with pixcon but would prefer it to be round pixels instead of the square.
  2. Sorry to hear that happened to you. Do you leave lighting on overnight or is your yard pitch black overnight? Typically lighting even spot lights help a little (doesn't stop it completely) with keeping hoodlums off your property.
  3. D1 is a valid ID number, While not efficient to have that many id numbers in a network the highest controller ID you can set to a controller is F0 which is 240 controllers.
  4. If this is listed somewhere I can't seem to find it. Is it possible to do an motion effect that is shared among multiple props. For example if you wanted to do a pin wheel can it be done where it spreads it across the entire visualizer (multiple props) instead just one individual prop.
  5. Program: Verifier Version: 5.2.2 OS; Windows 10 Issue: When running the verifier you will get about 18 errors complaining about missing lor program files. Most if not all of them seem to be file names from an older version of Light O Rama since S5 changed the main program name to Sequencer and also the fact that the pixel editor exe doesn't exist anymore.
  6. I'll be damned, somehow I missed it. And it's exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks
  7. Could you add in a better way to deleting archived channels. If you have a bunch of archived channels in a sequence that you want to get rid of it's a pain to do it one by one. Could you add a box where you could put a check mark to each archived channel you want to delete and do them all at once. Or like in S4 and I think s3 you could group them together and then delete the whole group as one.
  8. This is what I use. Vertical Cable Cat5e, 350 Mhz, UTP, UV Jacket, Outdoor, CMX, 1000ft, Black, Bulk Ethernet Cable https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005EZ0HH2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_6nOPBbQT492XA
  9. I used to use the green cables from LOR, I now use UV rated ethernet cable (mainly because I had a spool of it from another project. This cable can be gotten on amazon, it's about $115 for 1000 feet.
  10. If you're completely new, Go with S5. For me it's a learning curve because I used lor from version 1.6.9 S1 all the way up through S5. S1 to S4 for the most part is basically the same layout, so for me going to S5 was a change and took me time getting used to it .
  11. I normally post this every year around this time. So starts another year, and starts the time to begin setup. This is normally the time of the year that I start to run some wiring, and start to put out some props (mainly ones that can be doubled for Halloween) Then in Late October is when I start to put out the rest of the display hiding most behind Halloween elements. Since my mega Tree will be pixels this year instead of just 2 color LED I will be adding that to my Halloween display. Anybody else starting their setup, or getting ready to?
  12. Politically correctness will be the death of this country just look at the most recent offensive words soon the whole dictionary will be offensive for some reason or another. In fact I'm sure something in my post will offend someone and quite frankly I sincerely apologize not because I offended you but because I'm out of "I'm offended" report forms. Just do the song the way you want to, if someone has a problem with it more than likely they will have a problem with something else in your display. There are people that just look for things to be offended by.
  13. I still don't think there is anything to worry about. If anything they'll do it like MS office where either you can buy a licensed copy of windows, or pay for it on a subscription base. If you pay for the licensed copy outright then it's yours for life however you won't get new features or version upgrades for free. Where as if you buy the subscription version then you'll get upgrades and new features automatically. I personally don't see them forcing everyone to pay to use their computers. They'll still make money on new installs, and their tablets.
  14. Yeah but that looks more like a service that is offered to businesses for ones that can't manage their own IT department.
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