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  1. Xmas tree fail...

    I wouldn't recommend using thin wall (emt) for a mega tree mast. I would either use ridged or iron pipe. I use 1.5" iron pipe for my 20ft tree.
  2. PIxcon16

    CG1500 enclosure and this http://www.holidaycoro.com/Light-o-Rama-LOR-PixCon-16-Mounting-Kit-p/638-kit2-pc.htm
  3. Channel names

    I can separate them, I figured it would be easier to combine them into one.
  4. TC 05 Color Wash

    Didn't realize that was by design. Is it possible for this to be added as a feature even if there's a checkbox added in for use only white strands?
  5. Channel names

    I have another feature request unless I'm missing something. This one is for creating Non RGB channels If I create a prop that has multiple channels, eg. I created a custom prop that has my 12 mini trees all together in one prop, and each one is 4 channels. It's hard to tell which mini is which because it names them eg. mini trees: R28 c14 white eg... is it possible to change the name of the individual channels or even better yet could it be added so that it gave you an option to use the number that you used in the custom grid instead of that R# C#
  6. TC 05 Color Wash

    Software: Sequence editor Version: 5.0.4 Issue: If you are creating a color wash on non RGB channels and you select white it leaves the other colors on for the element. Since it's a non RGB device it shouldn't rely on red green and blue being on to create a white effect.
  7. When you are creating a prop Is it possible for it to tell you if you are trying to use channels that are already associated to another prop. E.G. If I'm trying to create a prop that uses 8 channels and I set it to use Controller 3 channels 1 to 8 but 1 and 2 are already in use is it possible to have the program give you a warning or have it automatically start at the next unused channel?
  8. Newest Build

    I use rslogix 500 and 5000 at work, Allen Bradley products are great but expensive. I do maintenance work on baggers and various other packing equipment. We do have two machines with Siemens plc's and HMIs and a robot with a Schneider electric hmi but if I remember that robot has a AB plc. Everything else we have runs on Allen Bradley PLCs.
  9. Version: 5.0.2 Program: SE Issue: If I import an s4 sequence into s5 it will bring all the channels in but it will not bring the tracks over. The only track (or view) I get is View 1. However it does ask me which tracks I wanted to convert over and it shows all the tracks but as soon as you hit ok with them all checked it doesn't give you any of them. EDIT it did work in 5.0.0
  10. TC02 starting with spacebar stalls

    TC 02 starting with spacebar stalls Appears to be fixed and I can't reproduce the issue.
  11. TC01 LOR BANNER Won't go away

    Issue TC01 lor banner won't go away Appears to have been corrected and I can't reproduce it.
  12. Toggle button

    One major reason I use it if i design an effect and want to invert it I can easily do it with toggle. It's helpful in a few other situations for quick inverting.
  13. Newest Build

    PLC and HMI are from automationdirect.com The PLC is their click plc line using 2 plc's The one that's outside with 3 120vac input modules 1 therm module and 1 120vac output module. and the one that's inside is for the buttons to work plus it controls the power to the amp. The hmi is the cmore micro HMI's. The HMI and the 2 plc's are connected via Ethernet through the same network I use for e1.31 Would've loved to been able to use Allen-Bradley hardware, but hardware and software is way to rich for my blood. The programming software for their plc's and the micro hmi's are free.
  14. Newest Build

    That would be possible if someone would build a robot that would grab the bacon from a fridge and put it in some kind of cooking device i.e. stove/hot plate. Coffee would be very easy to do just have the coffee pot set to be on once powered (needs to be a standard coffee pot with a switch) and use an output on the plc when the alarm is triggered it will power that up.
  15. SS gone from 4.3.20

    Oh glad I didn't install that version, I'm actually currently uninstalling S5 to go back to the useful version of LOR I'll just put 4.3.18 back in until 4.3.20 gets fixed.