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  1. I was just wondering, I was tracing it out from the board and was hoping there was an 'official" schematic. I do have pinouts on the chips and it looks fairly straightforward so far, the 273 d Flipflops and PIC Micro, etc.. My main concern was following the through holes between front and back of the board. Hopefully I never need the schematic, but it never hurts to have it just in case!
  2. Just a qucik question. I bought the CTB16PC DIY kit and all looks good so far. I haven't put it together yet but anticipate no issues. Just for my own satisfaction, and maybe troubleshooting later if the need should arise, is there a schematic available online for download?
  3. I am using the mini Director and a CTB16PC in a triggered mode. I start the show using a N.O. Pushbutton trigger with no problem. But I need a means to sense when the LOR show has ended. I know the easiest would be to simply use a single command at the conclusion on a dedicated channel, but that would require I make special allowances in the program. Is there any sort of "busy" voltage point in either the director or contrioller I could sample that changes state at the conclusion of a show? All I need to do is detect when a program (show) ends to notify the next group the system is ready for them to enter and do their session.
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