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  1. Odd that all the lights work fine off the Hardware Utility, but when running from Sequencer, Superstar, Pixel Editor I get one strand off each of the CCB100 Controllers have a constant blink
  2. Okay, first off have been doing this a few years, so basics I have down, licenses, etc I all have...here is the issue Connected 4 CCB Controllers ( two 50 light strings on each ) to network, Address as 0B, OD, OF and 11 All units and strings respond perfectly to Hardware Utility when running off Pixel Editor, Sequencer or Super Star, the second string on three controllers have a rapid blink so Controller OB/OC works fine, no blinking Controller OD/OE, OD is fine OE blinks Controller OF/10, OF is fine 10 blinks Controller 11/12, 11 is fine 12 blinks Tried multiple sequences, even a new channel configuration in case i had something off, but its always the same. Appreciate any input or ideas, I am probably overlooking something obvious, but just cant figure this one out. thanks in advance
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