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  1. Any movement on this? Planning on having over 6k pixels this year and will have to use another software if you guys can't support it. :-( Thanks Nick
  2. So any plans to support more Pixels in next versions? I'm at the max but want to add a couple more thousand to my matrix and other props but am at the limit 80 CCR. Thanks nick
  3. Ok now I'm having the same problem but can't figure it out. I'm trying to add a matrix that has 420 lights in a 60x7 but keep getting this error. Brian I sent you an email with the file. Seem like every step forward I go back 3...
  4. Ok figured it out. I just split the prop in 2 at the middle. Actually works out better because now i can place it better on the grid. Thanks everyone!!! Forcing the placement on the grid is definitely the way to go.
  5. Jim, Completely agree about being able to put stuff where you want on the grid. Makes a world of difference. Little confusing at first but one you figure it out makes a world of being able to put a blank space in to separate props. I'm just still having an issue with one prop that is 73 long. It won't loop for some reason while all the other ones will... thanks nick
  6. ok made the change but still getting an error now on only one prop. not sure why. emailed you the file. I can now add other props fine and have tried deleting and re-adding it but no luck.
  7. will do. However I just did a test and removed 200 pixels from it and it imported the other props... Does the license limit the import?
  8. Not sure if this is a bug or not. I'm using the Import Visualization it throws an error importing certain fixtures. I have 3300 pixels in about 7 props and about 20 fixtures. It seems that I can only add a certain amount and then it stops letting me add more. I'm using 4.2.10 with a 60 ccr Pro license. It just throws and error saying it can't add the prop. Have looked at all the setting and made sure they are not using the same universe or anything. Nothing seems to work. Any clue? thanks nick
  9. Ok been driving myself crazy all night. Have 2 14x60 matrix screens. Created visualization in Visualizer and import it into Superstar the matrix show up upside down. If I import the same file into Pixel Editor it works fine. I tried rotating the screens in Visualizer but then it is backwards in Pixel editor... I have tried all the Superstar setting under the props and fixtures but don't seem to be able to get anything to work. attached is an image of it in SS. Any idea's?
  10. Ok I have basically 2 matrix's that are seperated by 14 feet. Created the visualization and it works great in Pixel editor. When I import the visualization it appears correct and when I draw the image on both grids it appears in the preview correctly. The problem is when I play it (with no movement) it only shows one side of the matrix? Here are 2 screen shots. Once of the drawing and one of it playing. You can see it only displays one face instead of the 2? Thanks Nick
  11. Nevermind. Figured it out. Had a Landesk mirror driver (work system) that was butting its head in. Disabled it and works great now.
  12. Ok finally got everything into PE and working with testing the lights. Now I'm starting to sequence and the payback is very choppy and laggy. Perfmon has says plenty of memory and CPU left. I must be missing something? Using a standard mp3 file, i5 laptop with 8gb of RAM. Tried changing the file to wav but no difference. Changed computer performance to be maxed out but nothing. If I remember with LOR way back when their were issues with certain media file types. Could that be the issue? Anyone got a clue? I'm putputing to a Pixel Matrix that is 42x60 Thanks Nick
  13. Ok so I'm making the switch over to PE however I'm on the fence. I own the Advanced license and used Superstar last year for my 42x60 matrix. This year I tried Nutcracker and have it controlling the lights and it works fine however the User interface is somewhat clunky so I want to do a bake off between the two and see which one is easier. The problem is I can't get LOR to control the lights. Added the e.131 controller into the network config and setup the prop accordingly however it won't control the lights? The test programs DA_e131 work fine so I know everything is online. I'm not getting any errors however it's not lighting the lights... Any way to test the config in LOR? the Hardware utilty doesn't seem to support these pixelite controllers? Do I need to upgrade to the PRO for it to control the lights? Thanks Nick
  14. Ok so it was working fine. I had all 3 controllers linked up and working. Now one of them only can be seen by the hardware utility only and can't see the other 2 controllers. I think this is what happened. I noticed one of the channels was dead. I unplugged the wire on the board to see if it was the problem. then pushed it back on. Since then the controller wont see the other controllers? I tried reflashing the firmware but no luck.... Any ideas? I swapped out the cable too and nothing. It runs fine if I use the telephone cable to it directly but it doesnt see the other controllers. Any help would be appreciated. N
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