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  1. Hi there. Yes I still have them if you are interested. Corey
  2. Hi there! I will check on that for you later today and get back to you. It seems to me they are 3 wire but I'll check. Corey
  3. I have two 1602 - 16 channel controllers for sale. These are the model before they had a digital display inside. Each year during the sale I would try to add a few controllers for future growth. These are two of my controllers that I purchased but really didn't use much. They might have a combined two seasons worth of use. I have always taken good care of them and stored them safely. Asking $150 each. If you would like both I will do $250 for both of them. Thanks in advance. Corey
  4. I have 15 CCR150's for sale. I had 3 that were used for leaping arches and 12 that were used for a mega tree. All have been stored safely and are in good working condition with no issues. Asking $125 each. If you would like 3 or more I am happy to do $100 each after 3. Thanks in advance. Corey
  5. I am late getting the lights up as it is this year and am quite confused by the new look and features of S5. I'm having several difficulties and under the time crunch am wondering if I can go back to S4 now that I have already downloaded S5. I have messed around with one of my old sequences created under S4 but I have not altered the file and saved it under S5 so my saved files from last year that I need to edit were all created with S4.
  6. Folks.....Folks.....Folks......Merry Christmas! Thanks for all the input here. I now have the CCR tree running in the sequences so I'm hoping it will run during the show tonight. I think that it will. The solution here was the firmware on all the CCR controllers had to be updated. I had some running 1.07 and some running 1.17. Upgrading to 1.19 did the trick. I had all settings correct across the board but that stinking firmware was the issue to make it run using the pixel editor. Thank you all again. Corey
  7. As far as port goes, wouldn't the Comm 4 have to be correct if it works in the hardware utility? Anybody know what firmware has to be installed for it to work? I went in to the network config and check enhanced on Comm 4 Aux A. Nothing happened but I will say the show is currently running so I probably have to restart. If I remember correctly from earlier I saw firmware versions 1.07 and 1.17 on my controllers I think.
  8. Also, the tree is now in the pixel editor not the sequence editor so it wouldn't be part of the channel config would it?
  9. The controllers are the ones that lor sells with their ccr's. I have one 1602 controller and twelve ccr controllers. I used to run 9 other 1602 controllers so I ran my ccr tree on a separate network . I have replaced those 9 other controllers with dmx controllers. The real trouble I'm facing is this is a new computer so all my settings from years past are gone. I've had the setup running great in years past.
  10. I have a 12 CCR tree running on Aux A network. It is assigned to Comm 4. It is recognized in the hardware utility and can be tested but will not run during the shows. Last year, I sequenced it with superstar and ran those channels in the sequence editor. This year I deleted those channels in the SE and programmed the tree in Pixel Editor. In the PE preview I have the channels assigned properly as LOR not DMX, and the controller assignments look correct. I went in to the network configuration and assigned Aux A to Comm 4. Everything seems correct. What am I missing?
  11. Everything checks out there. When I play each sequence separately in the editor they play fine and lights are controlled correctly. Just getting the error "cannot open file..." in the player log that opens when the show is enabled. Corey
  12. I have to switch back to my computer that I used to run the shows last year because my new one is giving me fits. I have everything updated appropriately I believe. In the hardware utility everything looks right...controllers being recognized, etc. When I open the sequence editor and play a sequence, the lights are being controlled properly including my pixels on my E1.31 controllers. I did not change the name of the folder or location of my saved files. When I enable the shows, the red light bulb for the control panel goes blue like it should. However, when the show tries to start, nothing happens and I get an error message in the log "cannot open file...." for every song. What am I missing? I just updated to version 4.3.26 today as well. Corey
  13. Dennis, thanks so much for your replies to my issues. After going back to the drawing board I discovered the universe assignments that I had initially set were not intact. I have no explanation why so your idea of the channels conflicting caused me to go back and check. I am going to test now but I'm thinking this was the issue. As far as the two props flickering at full white I'm going to turn down intensity and see how that works. Fingers crossed! Thanks again. Corey
  14. This has been the worst setup year I've had in 10 years. It has been one thing after another. I could use a ton of help here if any of you have experienced these same issues. I am running 9 LOR controllers and 5 E1.31 controllers. Last year I ran 2 E1.31 controllers with the LOR controllers and didn't have any issues. I added three additional E1.31 controllers for a total of 5 this year. I now have the pixels running during the show after a nice guy reminded me to setup network preferences in LOR. Here are the multiple issues going on: 1. When I run the E1.31 controllers in test mode, everything seems to come on OK which tells me the wiring and such should be right meaning connections, length of runs, etc. I have set all my pixel counts, etc. which I believe are accurate. Example: I have 10 - 84 count pixel trees. When I run my show, about half or so will run the proper effects, and the others don't. Some of them run different colors, not all pixels are running, etc. It is totally haywire. It seems like communication is off somewhere. If i run test mode and the lights all come on and change colors as they should, my wiring should be correct shouldn't it? 2. I have an 8 string - 96 count pixel ea. string matrix that I ran last year with no problem. Universes 1-8. This year due to the new additions I have tried to run the first two pixel strings (last year Universes 1 and 2) on a different controller which are actually universes 31 and 32 so my matrix universe configuration in PE looks like this: (and I had to check the "individual start channels" box in order to assign different universes like that) Univ 31, Univ 32, Univ 3, Univ 4, Univ 5, Univ 6, Univ 7, Univ 8 When I try to run the show, those first two channels Univ 31 and 32 are just following along with whatever the universes on that controller are doing....universes 17-30. Can I not make this work? Due to the length of wiring runs I really need to use those two channels for that matrix if possible. 3. Last year I had a small pixel matrix that ran no problem on one controller with a certain length of wiring. This year, I had to switch that small matrix to a different controller but the length of wiring remained identical. Now it does not want to run properly. Just flashes sporadically and won't run the effects. Why would the switch but the same length of wiring hinder the performance? Let me add this and ask opinions: I have come out of the house from the pc to a network switch in which two E1.31 controllers are plugged in to. Then I have daisy chained the switch out to another switch which has three controllers plugged in to it. I know daisy chaining is not optimal for other applications but how else would I do it and could that be the issue? If so, why would some of the props run properly and others don't? I would appreciate any help on this. I am almost to the point of cancelling the show for the first time in 10 years. Thanks in advance. Corey
  15. OK, I have searched the forum because I know this is common but I can't find the answer. What am I overlooking here? My pixel editor files appear to be in the same destination folder as my SE sequences. My E1.31 Controllers appear to be pinging OK. When I look at the bottom of my sequences the intensity data files are there. Why are my pixels not playing in the sequence? When I run the hardware utility, all my LOR controllers show up, but my five E1.31 controllers do not. I can't remember if they did last year or not. What am I missing here?
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