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  1. Does anyone have any videos or directions on how to get a Falcon F16 V3 controller talking with LOR S5? I have heard people mention it will use E131 but thats all I know.. I would love some help with this because I want to upgrade from my pixies to a flacon. THANKS!!!
  2. Is it whole props or groups of props your having issues with?
  3. Hey Alan, So I had some issues with the Halloween sequence as far as motion layers getting messed up but I have been able to fix that issue.. the biggest issue is what I was talking about in this thread when I updated. I was unable to attach the file on here because it’s larger then allowed maybe if you give me your email I can email it to you and you could take a look at it. I can also take a video of the file and show you my issues.. For what ever reason LOR tells me that the groups I made for my pixels isn’t in the preview but when I go to the preview they are there and when I try and delete them from the preview and redo them it still doesn’t see them.. thanks Jeff B
  4. So the annoying part is that I had a copy of my grid which I brought back in and the preview but for what ever reason my groups are all jacked up.. They are in the preview but sequencer doesn't detect them so it says they are not there and makes them go archived..
  5. So it seems like my main issue from what I can tell is My groups got messed up and archived but when I tell sequencer to add them to my preview it adds them as props instead of groups....
  6. Yesterday I updated to the newest version of LOR. I have never had any issues updating so I went to the site and updated and everything seemed to work great... Today I opened LOR sequencer and all the previews were missing so I opened one of my sequences and that brought up the preview but then it said a bunch of my groups were missing and my grids were all gone!! I had a song that was 100% done which is now all messed up! CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH GETTING EVERYTHING BACK TO HOW IT WAS!! I tried going back a version but that didn't help at all..
  7. I set up all my motion effect layers by double clicking on the prop and right clicking. I randomly just had an issue where all my motion effect layers on the right click option under subsection went to none so I lost all my custom set ups! I tried quitting out and reopening with no luck.. The part I don't understand is when I right click and go to motion effects all my subsections are none but when I double click on the prop and go to motion effect layer everything is correct.. This makes no sense…. Attached is the LOR file I was working on.. Haloween 2019 (V5) Short.loredit
  8. I am looking for some help with setting up my singing pumpkin I got my boscoyo… I have seen people set up 10 separate lines for different consonants.. I am just not sure on how to figure out what sections of the mouth for certain consonants..
  9. Ok cool just need to find a video on how to set up the BBB with FPP and then I should be good that seems like the hard part of all this..
  10. Ok so I would just add another prop to my preview which would be the panels and for a tune to I would just drop in what ever I wanted on it for every sequence it seems like..
  11. Ok great so seems like bbb is the easiest way to go. Now As far as the programming can I program something on LOR and put it on the BBB and it will run by itself or does it need to be connected to LOR and put in my sequences?
  12. I don’t know very much as far as the hardware side as far as what drives it.. i have seen people mention using a PI and a beagle bone and color light card.. I just need something simple that I can run a tune to sign from and then grow from that knowledge to make something bigger later on..
  13. I am looking into setting up a P5 or P10 tune to sign for my display. I’ve seen videos on how to set up and different ways to control it but no one seems to use LOR does anyone have a step by step video or guide on how to program/ set one up using LOR?
  14. Ok great thank you!! 😁
  15. Checked the LOR site and I don’t see the update yet?
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