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  1. i'll take a copy too please! and thank you! thomasmule81@yahoo.com
  2. I am curious if there is a way to use the beat wizard to pick out a certain sound in the song and map a channel to it. For instance if I want a channel to follow a symbol crash or a snare drum hit... I see in other forums they have the singing face auto sequencer, not sure if I am missing something. I also see something about this Audacity program... Thanks for your time.
  3. harry potter here to please. so many songs so little time! thomasmule81@yahoo.com
  4. i would also like a copy, thank you! thomasmule81@yahoo.com
  5. thanks a bunch, its a life saver! btw, since you mentioned channel config, I have seen several threads with this exact thing. I did not know the animation was the channel config thing. Now I know, thanks again
  6. How do I use the same animation for each sequence? It looks like I have to redraw the animation everytime I open a new track. I would prefer to not do that, is there something I am missing? Thanks
  7. love a copy here too, my first Christmas setup it has to be a must! Thank you in advance. thomasmule81@yahoo.com
  8. I posted this question in another forum string, didn't get an answer so i'll just copy it here: I see the shares of "faces" but what happens for the rest of the show? Being new, just a little confused
  9. yes the plugs for the sale they had going are out, but if you just go to the regular store page they have them. I just looked and for 50 m + 50 f plugs with shipping to NY... $65. Its only a dollar or so more than the sale price! If I would of known, Id of just waited and ordered them now.
  10. Just ordered a bunch of plugs from this site. PreSummer sale, you have just over a day left. The site has a few other things on sale, stobe stuff, C9 lights, etc... check it out. AJsOutletStore https://www.ajsoutletstore.com/presale-2019-1
  11. any coupon codes? Figured I would ask before making an order...
  12. I hate to ask this because it probably already has, but is there a sequence of say 32 channels (not rgb)? Not just faces? How do you sequence the rest of your show? I would really like to have it in my show. thomasmule81@yahoo.com Thanks in advance!
  13. Oh jeez, I didn't even read the lyrics til you just said something. Nevermind on this song, wow, it had a good beat I guess I should have listened to the words Haha. Not really a Christmas song lol
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