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  1. Thanks, now i see, how to use it. I have 21*73 tree, but i've made it as an example 20*73. For now i want to learn, how to make superstar effects for the strings longer than 50. I've made it fold, because i think, that u should fold it during installing to use less ports of the controller. It will be cheaper to use power injections.
  2. So, i've created a layout with some changes. I have 21 strings of 73 pixels, so i've created a preview with 10 strings with 146 pixels on each and made 1 fold on each string. So summary i've recieved a 20*73 pixels tree. And now i don't know, how to export it to superstar sequencer. The preview file is attached. tree 20_73.lorprev
  3. Thanks! I'll try to make it tomorrow
  4. Hello. I'm newbie in superstar sequencer and i'm trying to make the sequence for my pixel tree. It have 21 strings of 73 pixels. I've tryed to make such layout in the program, but i couldn't find the proper settings. It's possible to make the sequence for such layout using superstar sequenser?
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