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  1. Just watched your videos on youtube! I love your mega-tree and sequences. Great job. We're still undecided on how to do the mega-tree this year, but this sure gives me some ideas. Thanks!
  2. Looks like you managed to get quite a lot in your small yard! It appears that you have the advantage of a lot of frontage on you home to utilize. Good Job! We have a very small yard also.... creates a challenge when it comes to looking for a place for more channels.
  3. When I first started looking at the animated lights displays and seeing the number of channels that some are using, I never believed that our little 16 channel display would make an impression. You guys have all disproved that belief. I love this forum! I'm not embarrassed anymore that we only had 16 channels. Your compliments are awesome. Thank you very much!:D
  4. I can only wrap my mind around so much. I have to work my way up a little at a time.
  5. Thanks guys! Your input is greatly appreciated. Timing was a big issue for me so I'm glad to hear that it was okay. I'm working on 2008 sequences now. 32 CHANNELS. I'm so excited!
  6. We did our first display with 16 channels and before I was finished with the first sequence, we knew that would never be enough. However, being on a budget, that would have to do. Had to promise my husband that we could do more next year (He may possibly need LOR rehab). Anyway, we dove into this thing full force with no knowledge (on my part anyway) of how to sequence the lights to music. I THINK:? we did okay, considering what little we knew. Of course, there were a lot of lessons learned that will be implemented this year. The important thing is we have a blast doing it, the neighbors love it, and our kids say we have too much time on our hands. Here's the link to our videos. The camera wasn't the best but you can get a general idea. Would appreciate any input! http://youtube.com/user/gene4952
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