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  1. Well, turns out it was the cables (what are the odds of 2?). Tried a third between the two and it works perfectly fine. Thanks
  2. I think a few of the Easy Light Linkers will save me a lot of hassle. I am having electrical runs installed to a few of the locations where boxes are being put, but having to run extra for all the network cables might not be worth it. There are a lot of obstructions to deal with (irrigation lines, roots, septic drain field, etc.) that make it a lot more of a hassle than just spending the money on the wireless modules. The next question is what am I doing wrong when daisy-chaining the boxes??? Individually connected each box shows up in the Hardware application, and I'm able to assign unique unit ID's. When I try connecting more than one box and hit refresh it says "found 0 units".
  3. I suppose the other option is to buy the wireless adapters. A little pricey, but may save a TON of headache in the end.
  4. To clarify, I wasn't trying to do a E1.31 network through the RS485 adapter, I was just hoping that I could easily use the RS485 through a switch (obviously why I'm posting in the noob section). Haven't figured out yet why the network port on the motherboard is bad. It's enabled in bios, has the newest driver, and the connector looks fine. I'll get a cheap card off of amazon. The reason daisy-chaining boxes is such a pain is that I have to bury all the cable since I live in south Florida. Even in January the lawn guys come every week, so I was putting an outlet and single cat 5e cable out to all the places I was putting a box.
  5. Is there any major downside or loss of functionality using a E1.31 network? All the LOR documentation seems to push you to a LOR network. I was really hoping it would be easier because the network port on the computer I'm using isn't working, so I was relying on the usb rs485 adapter. Guess I should have done more research up front.
  6. Sorry if this has already been answered because it seems like a simple question, but I can't find an answer anywhere. I recently purchased 8 LOR controllers (CTB16PCG3) and a usb485 adapter. I would like to set up the boxes so I connect them all to a network switch instead of running them all in series because of where I'll be placing them throughout the yard. For simplicity I'd like to still run a LOR network instead of trying to setup and maintain an E1.31 netrok since I only have LOR devices. I can't find any documentation anywhere for this type of setup, and I'm getting nowhere just playing around. Anyone able to help???
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