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  1. Plug & SHow Cosmic Color Packages

  2. Plug & SHow Cosmic Color Packages

    I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere what the lengths are either. Have you figured it out?
  3. Pixel Tree sequences

    jamills706 - kwhitaker@datatrac.com Thanks!
  4. Pixel Tree sequences

    Thanks! Vimeo still doesn't block music the last one I uploaded. I can give you my cell as well.
  5. Pixel Tree sequences

    Unfortunately his videos are all of the pixel editor or visualizer.
  6. Pixel Tree sequences

    JR do you know of anyone that has actual video of the 16/25 tree?
  7. Pixel Tree sequences

    jamills Do you happen to have any video of what it looks like? Would you mind sending me a couple sequences that I could open up and see how they were done?
  8. Pixel Tree sequences

    I am thinking about getting 1 or 2 of the 16 x 25 pixel trees for next year. I've never used the pixel editor so If anyone could send me some sequences kwhitaker@datatrac.com I would love to take a look at them and try and wrap my head around how it works. Also, does anyone have a video of how the LOR 16 X 25 tree looks?
  9. Pixel Tree or CCR Tree

    Do you think a pixel tree or a CCR tree is better? I'm thinking about adding one next year but not sure which way to go. CCR tree seems like it might be simpler and cheaper?
  10. LORMonitor has stopped working

    DevMike - Show is still running along on the reloaded laptop...
  11. LORMonitor has stopped working

    JR - I hope not to jinx myself but I reloaded the laptop back to the factory defaults and it's been running without an issue for more than 24 hours now using v4.3.24. I let Windows install it's updates (quite a bit) but I didn't change/update any of the other drivers that are loaded such as video, sound, etc. Quite a bit of work to reload it but worth it if it keeps running. I will let is run the schedule for another week or so before stamping 100% solved on this. I'm not sure if you have tried a complete restore and reinstall on your show computer but if you haven't it is worth the time to try.
  12. LORMonitor has stopped working

    DevMike, Makes perfect sense, my history shows that LOR is always truthful, extremely helpful, and professional. Now that it has been verified that it doesn't seem to be an LOR issue I am reloading the PC back to it's original configuration and hopefully everything will run smooth again. I have no doubt that the problem is on the "Windows side". Thank you, Kyle
  13. LORMonitor has stopped working

    I updated my video driver (from AMD instead of HP's site). It ran again for over 12 hours straight this time before crashing again. Same errors but this time Faulting module path: unknown. Does LOR support monitor these posts since their help desk is down? I need to know if I should reload the laptop (serious pain), roll back to an earlier version of LOR, get a new laptop, or try something else.
  14. LORMonitor has stopped working

    Well, I'd love to get some insight from a developer or someone from LOR staff but the HelpDesk link doesn't seem to be working?
  15. LORMonitor has stopped working

    JR, This happened to me last year on 4.3.16. Dev said something about a fix in 4.3.18 for video issues (I run video and not just audio files). I upgraded to 4.3.18 and it worked for about a week before dying again. What version did you roll back to?