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  1. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Kyle Whitaker

    Adding Traditional Lights to Existing Preview.

    Ok that worked. Since my ultimate goal is to replace the current "prop" with the cleaned up version I tried deleting the original Roofline and it also deleted AAAATEST. Oops. I guess the solution is probably to just delete it and then add it "fresh and clean".
  3. Just started with S5. I have my Preview imported from S4 and it works great. I wanted to clean up some poorly added elements and make them new and clean but can't seem to get it to work. Hopefully it's just something I'm doing that is stupid! Here is a simple test. Tools-> Manage Previews -> Select the Preview -> Modify Now the preview Design is open. Create Prop -> Name AAAATEST -> Check White under the Traditional Tab -> Shape set to Lines-Connected -> Leave 1 Segment 50 lights -> Change to Enter a channel on every Row -> Change the Unit # and Start Circuit to one that is already used in my sequence -> Save. The line now shows up in the Preview Design window. I move it to where I want it and Save. Now I play the sequence and it doesn't show up. For my example I set it to use Unit 2 Circuit 15 which is my roofline green. I already have a roofline green and that one lights up when I play the sequence; however, I am expecting the "AAAATEST" that is also set to use Unit 2 Circuit 15 to also now light up when I play the sequence but it does not.
  4. Kyle Whitaker

    Cannot set Unit ID on Pixie2D V3 Controller

    I went ahead and opened a support ticket request #553140 in case this ends up being a bad board.
  5. Kyle Whitaker

    Cannot set Unit ID on Pixie2D V3 Controller

    On the 1st controller that is "behaving" if I leave the dip switches the way they came from LOR (#8 set to 1) then the HU lets me change the Unit ID. If I power off and back on it resets back to Unit ID#1. That makes sense. I change it so that all dip switches are set to 0 and assign the ID and power off and back on and it keeps the change. On the 2nd controller it doesn't matter if all dip switches are off. Either way the HU fails to assign an ID. I can change the dip switches to try and manually set the Unit ID but: 1. Setting the dip swtiches doesn't seem to set the Unit ID to the expected # based on the documentation. 2. It concerns me that the 2 boards are behaving differently.
  6. I received 2 new Pixie2D V3 Controllers. The first one I set the Unit ID without an issue. The second one will not set. V5.0.18 Finds the unit assigned to 01 - Pixie2 Ver 1.03. Set the Old Unit ID to Any Unit Set the new Unit ID to 32. Click on Change Unit ID and a box pops up "Unable to change Unit ID. Please Retry. The LED changes to a blinking light. 1,2 1,2,3 1,2 1,23 1,2 1,23 (or blink blink pause blink blink blink pause then repeat) keeps blinking that pattern for about a minute and then goes back to solid and I can find the unit in the Hardware utility again.
  7. Kyle Whitaker

    Pixel Editor vs S5

    I'm planning on adding a pixel tree for the first time into my display for 2018. I started playing around with the Pixel Editor and I think I have the basics. It is my understanding that in S5 it is even better. Since it is still in Beta (and has been for a long time) I am reluctant to change my sequencing all over to S5 out of fear that I may have to revert back to S4 (and I assume loose everything). Did anyone use S5 for their live display last Christmas? Was it stable? Does anyone have a guess if it will come out of beta by this Christmas? Thoughts? Commit now to S5 for this years display or wait?
  8. Kyle Whitaker

    Plug & SHow Cosmic Color Packages

  9. Kyle Whitaker

    Plug & SHow Cosmic Color Packages

    I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere what the lengths are either. Have you figured it out?
  10. Kyle Whitaker

    Pixel Tree sequences

    jamills706 - kwhitaker@datatrac.com Thanks!
  11. Kyle Whitaker

    Pixel Tree sequences

    Thanks! Vimeo still doesn't block music the last one I uploaded. I can give you my cell as well.
  12. Kyle Whitaker

    Pixel Tree sequences

    Unfortunately his videos are all of the pixel editor or visualizer.
  13. Kyle Whitaker

    Pixel Tree sequences

    JR do you know of anyone that has actual video of the 16/25 tree?
  14. Kyle Whitaker

    Pixel Tree sequences

    jamills Do you happen to have any video of what it looks like? Would you mind sending me a couple sequences that I could open up and see how they were done?
  15. Kyle Whitaker

    Pixel Tree sequences

    I am thinking about getting 1 or 2 of the 16 x 25 pixel trees for next year. I've never used the pixel editor so If anyone could send me some sequences kwhitaker@datatrac.com I would love to take a look at them and try and wrap my head around how it works. Also, does anyone have a video of how the LOR 16 X 25 tree looks?