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  1. redsea300

    CCP config question

    So who sells dumb rgb pixels. I am assuming Ray . Would rather get them here not overseas .
  2. redsea300

    CCP config question

    Maybe I should just buy the cmd24 and dumb rgb pixels. Then I will,use the four ccp I have for my arches.
  3. redsea300

    CCP config question

    Ok here is what I am doing. First year with these. I am going to do 8 Mini trees. So 4 controllers, Half of each controller for each tree. So 50 bulbs for each tree. I want to run them as dumb RGB . What is the best way to set them up in the visualizer and also Hardware utility. I set up my Vis and just realized I have it set up as smart RGB unit 1B Cir 1 thru 24 (all 8 trees.) I just got my CCP's when I was testing it, it is only using 8 pixels for all 8 trees. I want the first 50 bulbs tree one the second 50 bulbs for tree 2 Thanks in adavace Don C.
  4. redsea300

    Visualizer with no simulation mode

    That did it. It works. Thanks for everything.
  5. redsea300

    Visualizer with no simulation mode

    We can do a remote if you want. Should I just turn off fast startup first. Or de you want to see what mine is doing. I am in California. I cant do tonight. But can set up a time later in the week.
  6. redsea300

    Visualizer with no simulation mode

    Ok so i tried it. Mine was unchecked when i opened the Vis. So i checked it and it works. Close the program. Reopen and it does not work. Uncheck and it does not work. Then Check it and it does work. Close and reopen program and it does not work again. It is a temp fix but not a FIX. Keep up posted after today's remote intervention. Thanks Don C.
  7. redsea300

    Visualizer with no simulation mode

    Great keep me posted.
  8. redsea300

    Visualizer with no simulation mode

    I can make sequence play and stop by hitting play the play or stop buttons on the SE program or by hitting the Play and stop in the Vis. The vis can control the SE just wont play simulation. After reading the other post I wonder if it is WIN 10 Issue. I have had 10 on this Machine for approx 6 months and has not been a issue. Just started the other day.
  9. redsea300

    Visualizer with no simulation mode

    Yes Windows 10. Won't play from either SE or Visulazier.
  10. redsea300

    Visualizer with no simulation mode

    I am running RS 485 lor network.
  11. redsea300

    Visualizer with no simulation mode

    I don't understand. I am editing in SE. I have Visualizer open in second screen. I hit the Play button om Viz like always. It goes black and hides the props basically. When I hit play either on Vis or SE the file plays in SE but nothing shows on the Viz. I worked the other day. I changed nothing.
  12. redsea300

    Visualizer with no simulation mode

    Reinstalled LOR. Same thing. Visualizer wont play.
  13. redsea300

    Visualizer with no simulation mode

    It was working yesterday and computer recently gone thru evertthing updated and two new hard rives. Yes indid did have control visualizer on, i guess i will will back up programs and reload Lor software. just weird working yesterday and today nothing,
  14. redsea300

    Visualizer with no simulation mode

    Thanks for all you help. I really appreciate it.
  15. redsea300

    Mad Grab - What Did You Get?!

    I was running 38 of them at one point. Now I am not running any. Doing all RGB. I got 4 CCP100 with controller and 2 8 pack ribbon with cotroller and 5 his speed usb-rj controller. Thank you Light-O-Rama.