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  1. like most i have many reasons, first is I LOVE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, watching my show and others and even the ones that dont go blinky blinky. Now there is the part of showing off what I &my crew did, and if others happen to like it also then that a bonus. I watch the show alot! even if there is no one else there i watch it. Ive had that moment watching a little girl get her father to dance with her in the street and knowing that was a special memory for them...pretty awesome to be part of, I worked at Disney for years so watched that many times, but I made that one happen. I also do it because I remember helping my dad put the lights up before he passed away, so thats probably where it starts. Now with all that said, we will see how this year works out, have a new girlfriend who has been told about but never seen the lights! little does she know whats about to happen
  2. like others said, i use crank/pulley/cable to lift the ring the lights are hung on (mega tree head), i use the mega tree stuff from Christmas Light Show. i have the strings pulled out away from the pole, and then crank them up. i also use several people to help the whole process, buying pizza also works. i have pictures on the facebook page - Silver Lake Lights - building the mega tree 2013
  3. thanks for the info, found the registry wipe on one of my 'cleaner/scanner'. Seq Ed is now running. thanks again guys. LOR and everyone here is the best
  4. ok, dont want to screw this up. where can i find the registy wipe? looked on forums and support page, did i miss it?
  5. thanks for the info, as soon as i get home with a few minutes i will try this. thanks again
  6. went to open seq editor and got these error msg tabs: 1. top of tab: vbalDTab6 run-time error'440': automation error <hit ok button then:> 2. top of tab: vbalExplorerBarLib run-time error '0' <hit ok button then:> 3. top of tab: LORSequenceEditor Failed to load control 'vbalExplorerBarCtl' from vbalExpBar6.ocx. Your version of vbalExpBar6.ocx maybe outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application <hit ok button then:> then nothing, i havent changed or updated anything that i know of using: windows XP - home edition - version 2002 - service pack 3 LOR 2.9.4 advanced any ideas? havent done anything, didnt want to make anything worse thanks in advance, chip
  7. thanks for th input, after trying a few things and not really fixing the problem, i ran a cat5 (wasnt too far) and will try few more after the season is over. didnt want to raise, as its out in front of display and for visual and security (didnt want to temp someone to mess with it). thanks again guys
  8. ok, have an issue with ELL signal. i have 2 controllers on the ELL in question- they run my arches. they are about 50' from each of the other ELL's (2others in set up), the controllers are in a wood box on ground, the ELL is mounted outside the box facing the other ELL. 3rd yr with this set up, thought i was having a controller isuue when i noticed the arches 'having issues' - all sorts of weird stuff going on, but not all the time. had dealt with it, but noticed this year during set up that the main power feed for my house and neighbors probably runs directly under where these controllers/ELL are at. Power is under ground so cant see exactly, but could this cause a bad signal? switched out ELL's, worked fine when in gargage, works fine when i hardwired a cat5 out to them, niether of the others is having issues. just wanting confirmation of my guess that the power feed is corrupting signal. planning on running cat5 to fix (guess need another controller for that ELL!!! LOL)
  9. old school here....96ch, 18K +/- incan, 3 blowmolds, 2 inflatables. and lots of smiles from visitors!
  10. my trunk is animated, match up with the tree. IMHO best look.
  11. whatever size and shape works for you. i'm 20' tall and about 14' diameter on the base ring and 3' diameter for the base. but again its what works for me and i like
  12. love it!!! going use that one too yeah for the kids, but i like watching peoples reaction when i tell them how long it really takes to seq a song
  13. get all the same, cost, how long to set up, radio, electric bill...... came up with new answer this year to 'how do you make the lights do that?' i started saying that i have people in the garage turning switches on and off. usually get a laugh, then i'll say its done with computers, get a few blank stares
  14. aaggghhhh...there is HOW MANY DAYS until Christmas? (hands shaking and eyes rolling) and THANKSGIVING is only what?(pulling hair out)....oh don't tell me. SSTTRREEEEESSSS (teeth chattering, body shaking uncontrollably), no, no, no, not here (drinking lots of caffeine). so much to do and so little time.....aaagggghhhh their coming to take me away ha ha!!! seriously, take your time and learn LOR. look, listen and read...then ask. everyone here at some point didn't know ANYTHING about this stuff. most will share their knowledge, but like everyone said above, it may take a day or few to get back to you this time of year. I think most of us are getting ready for the season. some of us have a 'little' different sense of humor and will give and take a lot of sarcastic stuff (and I think enjoy it? weird). But most of all remember this is supposed to be fun, and it is. I lover watching people see my show and listen / talk to them without them knowing I did it. Just take your time and have FUN!!!!! <Clark, the little lights aren't twinkling>
  15. another bump on this.... have used the CLS 20' kit (& the 4 guy wires) for 3 years now. live in tampa fl area, so no snow but few good thunderstorms, its held like a champ! modified the PVC base a bit to fit my liking, but its all based from the kit. i have 6400 minis + 25-30 strobes on tree and works fine, its is poss to set by myself, but usually get few family & friends (bribe with food if needed) and have everything up from storage to fully running in half day. tear down takes me about 5-6 hrs solo if i have to (again bribe with food). biggest problem is storing 2 10' steel & few 10-12' PVC poles. GREAT set up and looks awesome, easy to adjust.
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