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  1. thank you matt, I already did, they were quick to respond. but its a weekend and thought someone had possible answers. I am sure some more ideas will come on mon or tues
  2. yes I got the routine I think Unload light o remove the program thru uninstall... light wipe.. reboot then install using all new PW and new directory Thanks tho for the info
  3. the other thing is I have a programming computer and a drive show computer The drive show computer has win 10 the program and the program puter has win 8 The win 8 upgraded just fine... the win 10 is the problem child
  4. actually I got this all on 5.4 The new one and reinstalled 4 times thanks for responding
  5. HAs any one had any problems with Hub and windows 10? specifically trying to schedule a show but giving this error (new). I did run S4 last year and decided to give s5 a try And its not friendly to me and gave me this error (error) any suggestions would be great especcialy with (New) the"new" error is specific to scheduling a show with HUB. The "Error" is with "Se" sequencer and then freezes
  6. Douglas


    has anyone seen this error?
  7. Regular Network: 57.6K non-Enhanced with Five 16 channel controllers (80 channels max being used). AuxA Network: 500K non-Enhanced with tree, star, & circles with 1,000 pixels total. AuxB Network: 500K non-Enhanced with hortizontal matrix and big bulbs with 1,200 pixels. AuxC Network: 500K non-Enhanced - 1600 14x100 big (channel 15,160 4x50 bullet bulbs rgb star AuxD Network: 57.6K non-Enhanced with eleven 16 channel controllers (176 channels max being used). So drop the speed from 500 to 100K? as far as enhanced I need to export from Superstar in enhanced mode. (each sequence) then network preferences in sequence editor.... enhanced for that network I only split up my regular network and Aux d because they are opposite ends of the house
  8. Regular and com 8 are 57.6 these are the regular controllers.... all the other networks are 500L ....all networks are non enhanced ....regular network 1 thru 4 is old style lights may be 200 lights not running them all channel A is my ribbons 16 (tree) (RGB star) 50 pixels each and 4 ribbon circles 50 pixels. B network has 16 x 50 pixels (Horizontal display bullet bulbs) daisy chained to the 2 pixie 2's with 4 ports of 100 pixals (Big Bulbs)...C network has 16 channels... 1-14 Is the house borders along with ground borders these are 100 pixels( big Bulbs) ...network D with regular controllers 7-17 has wagon wheels all sizes trees picket fence prob around a 1000 different led lights (No RGB Bulbs). I tried some enhanced when going from SS to SE. Did not work for me... I am sure I am doing things wrong
  9. 16 regular controller's 3 pixie 16 and 2 pixie 2's Regular controllers are on a regular networks and com 8 ...my 16 ccr ribbon tree is on aux a with my 4 circles both are ribbons I have a Horizontal pixie 16 that is bullet bulbs that's on aux B net work along with the 2 pixie 2's that border my back shop with big rgb bulbs..... and then I have a house border with the big rgb bulbs along with 2 ports for a RGB star. All of these rgb are on 100 big bulbs except the bullets that are 50
  10. I got 32 Gigs of memory and still lags
  11. thanks I plan to do both gutter and roof lines
  12. Does anyone have a suggestion about mounting light clips that can accommodate the larger ccr Bulb? and where to get them. All the ones I tried seem a little small Thanks
  13. I would also like to look at your 16 walking dead btg_always@hotmail.com Thanks in advance
  14. I would love them, thanks btg_always@hotmail.com
  15. Does any one have Home alone "Only in my memory" that would be willing to share thanks btg_always@hotmail.com
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