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  1. I just want everything mapped out and ready so I can get straight to wiring everything when it gets here.
  2. I'm getting the can be modified card that comes with the starter kit. I'm wondering if 64 channels is the max that that card supports without having to manually add and sequence additional controllers.
  3. I'll be getting the one I can modify and would like to get the pro license off the bat. That's what most people recommend anyway.
  4. It is pretty overwhelming. I've been decorating for years, but not to this extent with this many channels. I just know I don't have the time or know-how for sequencing yet.
  5. Ok, otherwise they won't do anything? So 64 channels is the max, correct?
  6. Originally I was just going to start with 32 channels, but I started working with a fellow enthusiast and in exchange for my labor, he's given me multiple controllers, leds, and a mega tree so far. In the description it states that up to 64 channels can be used, but on the preview video, it shows multiple controllers being used (more than 4 anyway). I'm purchasing the card that can be edited for the future, but I'm just wanting to plug and play for a couple years until I get some practice in with the sequencing. Thanks in advance.
  7. I've actually just recently got to order some SPT-1 and vampire plugs and have gotten a little experience in making some cords for this year. I'm learning a lot as of late.
  8. Ok, well a lot has changed. How many controllers can you run on the TSO sd card show? I started helping a local guy with his display changing everything over to pixels and in exchange for my labor, he's been giving me his old LED's and controllers. I saw that you can add up to 3 controllers in addition to the starter kit for a total of 4 controllers (64 channels). Though, on the preview video they list multiple controllers using up to 6 controllers (96 channels). On that specific show card, can I use 96 channels? Again, not modifying the card (yet), just plugging it in.
  9. Wow man. How many lights and controllers do you run, if you don't mind me asking.
  10. Thanks. I planned on getting the card that I can change the sequencing when I feel ready for it. I'm just absorbing all the information and tips right now. I'll take your advice though, much appreciated.
  11. The only trouble I've had with vandalism is squirrels stealing bulbs and end plugs. Had to repair two strands again this year.
  12. I tried searching for a similar topic first, but couldn't find anything, I might have messed that up too. I've been using a mr Christmas setup and I'm looking to purchase the TSO Showtime central package since I'm not comfortable with jumping into the pc stuff yet. My comfort zone is plug and play right now. My main question is what extra cables do I need to run an extra controller (2 total)? I want to buy everything needed in one shot. I ran 25k leds this year and it will be 30,500 next year with the LOR. Might be a stupid question, but this stuff is a whole other ballpark for me. Thanks in advance for the help.
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