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  1. That'd be a lot of Tupperware in the yard. My wife would be pissed lol
  2. Out of curiosity, how big is your mega tree?
  3. Thanks for all the tips guys. My main concern was snow on the ground.
  4. Even the unused ones? Like I have 3 way plug adapters and might only use two. I wonder if one of those child safe outlet covers would work for that.
  5. Do the controllers need covered to prevent any weather from getting inside? Mine will be up off the ground mounted to small posts. I noticed a couple boxes have rubber seals, but a couple don't. Also, do you guys tape up or cover your electrical connections (extension cord ends)?
  6. UPDATE LOR help desk said to go ahead and try updating the 3 controllers from 1.06 to 1.09 and all four controllers are working as they should now. Thanks for all the help from everyone and sorry for all of the annoying questions.
  7. LOR help desk said there's a possibility of a fault on the card itself, they're sending out a replacement to try, we'll see.
  8. I got the one controller working again. I tried to duplicate what I did with that controller to another one with no luck. I contacted the help desk as well and that tech said it's a plug and play system as long as the controllers are all gen3's, no need for a pc. That guy was at a loss too. Maybe it is something simple and there's a fault in either the mini director or the card itself. I'll go ahead and change my initial layout to just use 16 channels in case I can't get this figured out within the next couple weeks. I've been fighting this for about a week now and just need some calm down time lol. It'll still be a major upgrade from last year. I moved a sequence from the card to the sequencing suite, but it just started playing with a big Tap button on the screen. I'll check YouTube to see if there's any tutorials on how exactly to display a sequence.
  9. Not sure what I did, but no controllers work now. I give up, I don't need this stress.
  10. The laptop I'm using doesn't have a cd drive so I had to download from the website. I'll check for sure on that also. I'll try for a screenshot
  11. I'm guessing so, the description stated that their sequences are compatible with 16, 32, 48, and 64 channels. That had crossed my mind that maybe there's certain cards they send out depending on how many controllers you buy with kit. Wondering if this is for only 16 channels.
  12. So what you're saying is if I take each sequence from the card and load it into the sequencing suite, I can add those sequences to the extra controllers?
  13. The show runs fine and the first controller runs fine, it's the other 3. All have 02, 03, and 04 ID's, all tested fine, all have a solid green light on the board when the show is running, just no commands going to the lights. Is the Network Preference in the sequencing tab or where?
  14. You mean put the sd card into my computer? That pops up what's on the card but I don't know what to do with it.
  15. I just want to make sure I'm doing this right. I linked 4 controllers all together and searched for them in the hardware utility and all four units were found, so does that mean they're in the same network together or do I have the wrong idea with this? I'm at work, so it'll be a while before I can reply, thanks in advance.
  16. Yes, that was the case, I picked up 3 more gen 3's off a buddy. I still have to assemble one. But I did search the network, it picked up all 3 units after individually searching them and changing ID's (1 box at a time). With the sequences, they're on the sd card, just plug and play. I know nothing about the sequencing stuff, not yet anyway. I didn't want to jump into that for a couple years until I play with it for a while. I'm just messing with the LOR hardware all this time. The only firmware remotely close that I see is CTB16PC_V4-32.lhx OR CTB16Pg3-V1_08.lhx I'm not messing with any firmware until I know for sure sure.
  17. Ok, I hooked up 2 other Gen3 controllers, played the program and they don't light up the lights at all. When I searched for them on the network, the new box came up with version 1.09 while the other two came up version 1.06. I looked at the firmware updates and none of them seemed to correspond to the controller numbers CTB16PCG3 - V5. I'm officially lost.
  18. Yeah, I'm pretty lost with anything past LED or this stuff so far. I'm going to attempt to hook up other gen3 boxes from a friend later this evening to see if it works or not.
  19. I'm guessing so if you buy them, I didn't, just the startup kit.
  20. http://store.lightorama.com/tsoshcestpa.html I think I did that right. Sorry Mr. P, I didn't mean to sound hateful, it's hard to set the tone in writing.
  21. You better check again. TSO version 1 came with basic plus. Mine is TSO version 2 that comes with pro.
  22. It stated that some older controllers can't keep up with the 500k running the enhanced LOR. That's in the troubleshooting that I found. I have a buddy with a gen 3 I'm going to try later this evening. I wish I could upload the picture of that paragraph but it's too large.
  23. I'm running the tso Showtime central and that show does have motion effects. I'm not programming anything yet, just using the sd card right now
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