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  1. Wow man. How many lights and controllers do you run, if you don't mind me asking.
  2. Thanks. I planned on getting the card that I can change the sequencing when I feel ready for it. I'm just absorbing all the information and tips right now. I'll take your advice though, much appreciated.
  3. The only trouble I've had with vandalism is squirrels stealing bulbs and end plugs. Had to repair two strands again this year.
  4. I tried searching for a similar topic first, but couldn't find anything, I might have messed that up too. I've been using a mr Christmas setup and I'm looking to purchase the TSO Showtime central package since I'm not comfortable with jumping into the pc stuff yet. My comfort zone is plug and play right now. My main question is what extra cables do I need to run an extra controller (2 total)? I want to buy everything needed in one shot. I ran 25k leds this year and it will be 30,500 next year with the LOR. Might be a stupid question, but this stuff is a whole other ballpark for me. Thanks in advance for the help.
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