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  1. I'm currently running a TSO Showtime Central with the preprogrammed show on the sd card running at 500k with g3 controllers. There is now a 16x25 pixel tree that is a plug and play prop that can be added to this setup. My question is do I just plug it in and connect it to my other controllers and it will function automatically like the other controllers do? I know it will use a different ID number. I just want to know how to go about it before I order it. I have the s5 pixel pro software that the kit came with. Thanks
  2. Holy hell, that sounds easy lol, but I'll give it a try. Thanks
  3. Ok, I have the tso edition Showtime central with the "can modify" card. Between each song there is a filler sequence with no music where the lights do a slow fade. Does anyone know which sequences on the card are the filler sequences? There's 3 sequence files for each song, 1 large file, then a small 2Kb one, then the largest file. I know nothing about sequencing, but can this filler be taken out? I'll even ship it to someone and pay to have it edited with a 5 second delay between each song. Waiting a full minute after every song really ruins a show. I bought an extra card to play around with. Only the pixel software can read the card and I do have that if needed. I don't want to jack up the card because they're not cheap.
  4. That particular Showtime central already has motionpack and comes with a Pro license. It is completely plug&play, unless you paid extra for the "can modify" card that you can edit.
  5. I bought the exact kit and running this year for the first time. It is literally plug and play. Make sure that if you bought the enhanced card, all of your controllers are gen3 or newer. The gen1 and gen2 controllers won't work with the enhanced LOR. The only bad thing is that there's a minute filler sequence in between songs with no music. I'm currently trying to find a way to edit that out. I'm running 4 controllers, but plan to duplicate a couple to add more next year along with the pixel tree.
  6. That'd be a lot of Tupperware in the yard. My wife would be pissed lol
  7. Out of curiosity, how big is your mega tree?
  8. Thanks for all the tips guys. My main concern was snow on the ground.
  9. Even the unused ones? Like I have 3 way plug adapters and might only use two. I wonder if one of those child safe outlet covers would work for that.
  10. Do the controllers need covered to prevent any weather from getting inside? Mine will be up off the ground mounted to small posts. I noticed a couple boxes have rubber seals, but a couple don't. Also, do you guys tape up or cover your electrical connections (extension cord ends)?
  11. UPDATE LOR help desk said to go ahead and try updating the 3 controllers from 1.06 to 1.09 and all four controllers are working as they should now. Thanks for all the help from everyone and sorry for all of the annoying questions.
  12. LOR help desk said there's a possibility of a fault on the card itself, they're sending out a replacement to try, we'll see.
  13. I got the one controller working again. I tried to duplicate what I did with that controller to another one with no luck. I contacted the help desk as well and that tech said it's a plug and play system as long as the controllers are all gen3's, no need for a pc. That guy was at a loss too. Maybe it is something simple and there's a fault in either the mini director or the card itself. I'll go ahead and change my initial layout to just use 16 channels in case I can't get this figured out within the next couple weeks. I've been fighting this for about a week now and just need some calm down time lol. It'll still be a major upgrade from last year. I moved a sequence from the card to the sequencing suite, but it just started playing with a big Tap button on the screen. I'll check YouTube to see if there's any tutorials on how exactly to display a sequence.
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