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  1. It appears the trees are plug and play. The only thing to be concerned with is sequencing them. That could take a while.
  2. I was thinking about the LOR singing trees. Will they work on my Basic Plus license? If yes is the answer, do I just need a pixie controller connected to a LOR controller? Thanks for your time.
  3. 2019 was my first time w/LOR. The majority of the year I was busy making props or sequences. My wife felt neglected also. This year it'll be better for her. In regards to traffic patterns. We live close to the beginning of a cul-de-sac w/about 38 homes in it. I would see one or two cars checking out our lights and listening to the music on their car radio. It's always nice to see someone appreciating what you've done. However, the most joy I got were from children, seniors (80 yrs.+), and myself. If a neighbor drives by one night I want them to hear a totally different show the next night. Thanks to the help of this community I have shows 60 mins. long and longer. I play holiday songs 5 days of the week. Friday and Saturday is "Santa's Playlist, (includes all genre of music). I've gotten plenty of likes from that idea. I even asked the closest neighbors for songs which they all were happy to do. So there's a sign in the yard that tells when and what will play each night. (not every song) For me, weather is a factor when lights go up and down. I'm in Ohio, nuf said. I took them down New Year day because weather was mild. As it turned out two neighbors came to help my wife and I, and it was a BIG help. So for 2020 I might go from 32ch to 48 is the plan. We'll see. And who ever sees the display hopefully will enjoy it. I know I will!
  4. Thanks for your input. I won't forget it. I tried what JR suggested because it seemed easier for an old guy like myself. It seems to be clearing up my problem. I don't understand it though because I've played all sequences on this new computer. At least I thought I did because I wrote it down.
  5. JR, I tried your suggestion. I seems to be fixing my issue. Thank you soooooo much. If I have further issue like this I'll look into the other workaround.
  6. So just to clarify, I should delete the shows I created, direct LOR where to find seq and audio files from one folder, then rebuild the shows. Is that correct?
  7. Each sequence has been played on the show computer. You're probably correct about the "save as" thing though. But I need to figure out how to get the sequences and show sequences on the same page. (Due to different accounts). kenn and inspe
  8. I'm not sure why the computer is doing it either. The inspe is from my email account. The kenn is from my tower computer where I originally created sequences. I bought a laptop then transferred my sequences to it. That's where it happened I guess. So I'll try as suggested to get it sorted out. I'm not familiar with LORPost.exe. However, I'll try to find it. Thanks guys! I appreciate you so much.
  9. I noticed a difference in the address from the sequence to the show. Example: (SEQUENCE): C:\Users\kenn\Xmas\ TK Ice Ice Baby. lms (SHOW) C:\Users\inspe\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\2019 Xmas Party Show pt.2.lss However, all sequences have the same show pathway.
  10. I'm a first time user. I have two CTB16PCG3. I tested some lights using SE. All went well. Some sequences were donated by members, some I created from scratch. All sequences were saved into the default LOR-sequence directory. I used the show editor to build the shows. Then scheduled the shows. Then ran the verifier. Error 23 Sequence file does not exist came up on almost every sequence. This is what the help box stated in part. "If you do want the sequence to play, perhaps its file was renamed (or placed in a different directory), or deleted. If it was renamed (or placed in a different directory), you can either rename it back, or else use the Show Editor to point to the new name instead of the old one." I'm thinking I should use the Show Editor to point to the new name. If that's correct, how can it be done? Thanks in advance if you can help me. Regards, Thomas
  11. I'm a newbie and the help JR and James have given me has made the stress level go way down. They are heaven sent in my opinion. I pray they'll have long prosperous futures.
  12. Good day, This is my first year for a show. I'm planning for Xmas. I need sequences for the season. I have 2 controllers, using all LED lights. Any upbeat non-holiday sequences would be good also. Thanks in advance. Thomas inspector0523@yahoo.com
  13. I got some 1" black pvc for arches instead of the 1/2". It's the same stuff used for direct boring. It has a natural curve to it. I'll run the spt cords through the pvc and have holes at each section of lights for connection.
  14. So glad I saw this method. I'll be doing mine this way. Was going to use the spinning approach, but that's out the window now. I'll use 1/2" conduit to create the arch w/a movable wooden foot for support. Another idea I got from someone else.
  15. The song title is very fitting. The team is awesome!
  16. OK, I didn't know what I was doing obviously. I thought, well never mind what I thought. When I purchase the starter kit, how is the version applied to my system? Do I just choose a version? I just edited the version to 4.4.2 Is that it? The license level will be standard. I understand how each level has conditions. I'm waiting to see if I can take advantage of the spring sale if it happens. Then I'll officially be a member.
  17. I'm using S5? Who or what determined that? I read about S levels somewhere, but can't recall at the moment what it is about. Is that the version I automatically downloaded? I assume it's the latest and greatest LOR has to offer? I hear ya about the spare adapter. Thanks, I assume you've experienced an adapter go bad? You can bet your bottom dollar I'll NEED help with sequencing and anything else.
  18. Thank you for your input. It's the answers I've been looking for. I'm retired and almost 70 years young and wish I'd gotten into LOR 10 years ago. So unless I get a large lottery windfall I won't be doing any pixels. I may want to go bigger, better than my blue/white LED, but I'll be happy in my lane. (Red adapter not needed with LED strings. Correct?) So I'll only buy new LOR items. I'm currently gathering hardware for my display and trying to save $ neccesary for LOR items. I downloaded the demo a few weeks ago and am trying to learn as much as possible. Regards, Thomas
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