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  1. I got some 1" black pvc for arches instead of the 1/2". It's the same stuff used for direct boring. It has a natural curve to it. I'll run the spt cords through the pvc and have holes at each section of lights for connection.
  2. So glad I saw this method. I'll be doing mine this way. Was going to use the spinning approach, but that's out the window now. I'll use 1/2" conduit to create the arch w/a movable wooden foot for support. Another idea I got from someone else.
  3. The song title is very fitting. The team is awesome!
  4. OK, sounds great. I sent a pm.
  5. OK, I didn't know what I was doing obviously. I thought, well never mind what I thought. When I purchase the starter kit, how is the version applied to my system? Do I just choose a version? I just edited the version to 4.4.2 Is that it? The license level will be standard. I understand how each level has conditions. I'm waiting to see if I can take advantage of the spring sale if it happens. Then I'll officially be a member.
  6. I'm using S5? Who or what determined that? I read about S levels somewhere, but can't recall at the moment what it is about. Is that the version I automatically downloaded? I assume it's the latest and greatest LOR has to offer? I hear ya about the spare adapter. Thanks, I assume you've experienced an adapter go bad? You can bet your bottom dollar I'll NEED help with sequencing and anything else.
  7. Thank you for your input. It's the answers I've been looking for. I'm retired and almost 70 years young and wish I'd gotten into LOR 10 years ago. So unless I get a large lottery windfall I won't be doing any pixels. I may want to go bigger, better than my blue/white LED, but I'll be happy in my lane. (Red adapter not needed with LED strings. Correct?) So I'll only buy new LOR items. I'm currently gathering hardware for my display and trying to save $ neccesary for LOR items. I downloaded the demo a few weeks ago and am trying to learn as much as possible. Regards, Thomas
  8. I haven't purchased my LOR equipment yet. I've concentrated on researching what I want to do display wise. I've decided to buy a 16 ch starter pack w/standard license. I'm using all blue and white LED lighting. My plan(subject to change) is to have the following on LOR. Mega tree 8 ch (8 double strands=1600 LED), 1 fire stick and 4 arches 6 or 8 ch (100 LED per ch per arch/fire stick= 2400 or 3200 LED for arches), 4 mini trees 1 ch ea (100 LED per tree), 7 rope lights 18' long 4 or 5 ch (7.2w ea= 50.4w), 2 Bethlehem stars sharing 2 ch (160 LED ea star). The mega tree and fire stick will have tops added. But I'm unsure how many lights I'll end up with those items. I'll have a lot more to my display, just not on the controller at this time since this will be my first try. So here's where I'm at folks. I haven't totaled the amp draw yet. However, with proper ch assignment, I think a 16 ch 30 amp controller will work. But I want to start with 32 channels. So here's my question. I've seen used LOR controllers for sale on ebay. Will these (I assume) older units work satisfactorily with the new 16 ch starter pack I plan to buy from LOR? I'm looking to save some $ on the second controller if I can. I'm on the email list to be notified of the spring sale. But I've read how fast items sell out, and my wallet and the sale may not be in sync. Also, if anyone in the Central Ohio area is willing to get together for a tutoring session I will be very grateful. Thanks in advance Thomas
  9. Did you find the problem?
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