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  1. What I NEED is a smaller fn yard! LOL
  2. I think your thinking about pixels... I am using traditional incandescent lights (AC) in these canes. Ugh, math... With the one 450' run, I'll need 3376' of SPT. If I add a second controller, I'll only need 2720'. So, yeah, a second controller would need less cable, but it has the added expense of a second controller.
  3. Who'da thunk some cheap $3 candy canes would turn in to such a project?!?! If they didn't look so good, or last so long, I would've just scrapped the whole thing...But, here we are.
  4. Another thought... These lights are just traditional AC incans. All this work would just be to add chases. I am doing all this planning under that the assumption that 8 channels would give a much better chase effect than 6, 4, or 2. Would this be correct? If 4 channels would do just as good, I could cut the SPT cost in half.
  5. Gotcha, thanks. I knew I read that somewhere. Well I just did the math (somebody tell me if I'm wrong). From the factory each string of 3 canes is 0.12 amps. 0.12 amps / 3 canes = 0.04 amps per cane. With one long run of 450' that would put 11 canes on each channel. 11 canes x 0.04 amps = .44 amps per channel. The longest run will be 450' (of course each channel will be 8' shorter than the previous). Will voltage drop/brightness come in to play with these amperages and distances?
  6. Yep. Agree to all, except these are AC incan canes...
  7. I DID think about this (great minds...). Did you use LOR AC controllers? I thought I read somewhere that LOR controllers switched the grounds (-), not the power (+). So it would be a common +, not common -. I have read a LOT of info the last few weeks, so I could be mistaken.
  8. The math is giving me a headache already... 88 canes... 2 controllers, 16 channels each, etc. Mapping this out in sequencing would be a pain. Good thinking though. Two controllers would definitely be cheaper than a buttload of SPT. But I would still need a buttload of SPT. On one hand, I'm starting to wonder if it would be worth it all. On the other, it has become a challenge to see if it can be done!
  9. Nope. Controller will be right at the end of the string of canes. I'm thinking of running 8 SPT pairs either: 1. From the controller, around the entire perimeter in one direction, (150'+75'+150'+75'=450') using 1 SPT for each channel and tapping in every 8th cane. (450' perimeter x 8 channels = 2600' of SPT) This would give me 11 canes on each 450' run of SPT. 2. Split in both directions from the controller. (((150'+75')*2)=450' total) This would give me two 225' runs with 5 or 6 canes on each SPT. If these were minitrees with 300+ lights each then #2 would be the way to go. But, the canes only have 12 incans ea. So, #1 would be 132 incan lights on each 450' channel of SPT. #2 would be 72 (max) lights on each 225' channel of SPT I would like to just have one run in one direction (#1 above). Would this be safe?
  10. I have used 36, 28", candy canes to light the front edge of the yard. (Big yard, approx. 150'x75') I have cut and spaced them 8' apart, daisy chained them and put them on 1 AC channel. Next year I would like to add about 50 more and go around the entire perimeter, but, I want to separate them into 8 separate channels for chases. Does anybody have an easy way to do this besides 8 separate, 450' extension cord runs?
  11. This was my first year doing an animated show. I placed my first orders on November 9th and had the show running Dec. 8th. Yes, I was amazed I got it up and running in such a short time, too! However, I took a LOT of shortcuts just to get the blinky-flashy things working. I figured sequencing would take the longest (I figured right), but didn't have the time to do it from scratch. I bought some commercial sequences and borrowed a couple others. Used S5 to set up Preview, hardware, network, Show Editor/Scheduler, etc. Everything is Okey Dokey. Yes the lights all worked, singing faces were synchronized, megatree was BRIGHT (need to work on intensities...), and the show looked pretty decent to the layperson. Show went on without (many) hitches, many compliments, and no complaining neighbors (so far). Now that Christmas is over I am trying to work on fine tuning sequences for next year. I know eventually I will be making sequences from the ground up. But, for now, I'm trying to use canned or shared sequences to get the feel for it. I must be missing something because I haven't been able to find any info on this (that usually tells me I'm overthinking something and overlooking something very basic). When I open a sequence (canned or shared) the grid view is populated with the props and groups from the original sequence PLUS my props and groups. So if I have 80+ props and it adds the original 64+ props, it gets a little confusing. Sometimes S5 puts the sequencing on an ORIGINAL prop, sometimes on MY prop (it seems random). I know I should try to cut and paste from the original to my props. How do I match up the original props to my props? Where do I go from this point?!?! Thank you in advance, Chris Holiday Sights and Sounds USC https://www.facebook.com/HSSUSC
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