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  1. Thank you all for the feedback and points to consider. I know I have a long way until I can come close to some shows that I’ve seen, but at least it gives me something to strive to. I don’t expect my first season to be anything spectacular, but I want to be sure I’m as future-proofed as I can be. One thing I am stil confused about are circuits. Just so I know I’m thinking this through correctly: let’s say in the future, I’m going to have three, 16-channel controllers (small potatos, I know). The controllers are 30A, so they need two separate 15A circuits? So for three controllers, I need six circuits?
  2. It has been my dream to create a light show but living in a condo, I didn’t want to anger my association. My family is building a house, so I will have no reservations in making our presence in the neighborhood known! :) Since the house is a clean slate, I want to plan our electrical so I have outlets and enough circuits ready. I understand the voltage and amps part, what I’m struggling with is placement. We have our electrical walk through this coming week. If you could start from scratch, where do you wish you could have outlets, data, conduit, etc.
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