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  1. It is indeed 128kbps, and I will try saving it as compressed and then make the show from that
  2. I only have 2 song sequences, on the laptop.I play them in a loop non stop...Not sure how they could conflict with anything, there is nothing else there that the could conflict with.
  3. I do audio editing for a living , its one of the tech things I am actually great at, so I'm sure there is no conflicts in the audio clips, I used Adobe SoundBooth CS5 to create the audio files, but I think im going to dump them and start over with all new tracks and re configure an entire new sequence and see how it reacts. Maybe even with a new laptop....If it does similar to the same thing, then im at a stand still.
  4. Its always the same 2 channels on the lights not triggering, and always the same choppy audio on the 2nd song on the loop Sometimes it will run for an hour and be fine sometimes it will start acting up in 10 minutes, it kind of depends on wether or not Im watching. It seems like if Imm watching, of course its gonna stay working for over an hour and if I turn my head for a minute it starts acting up. I think I have gremlins.....Its the only thing that makes any real sense.!
  5. Evidently, I am not seeing the firmware number, rather than the version of the downloaded program. As far as the music, I have the sound going from my headphone audio jack on the laptop to a amplifier that powers 2 rock speakers in the yard. Totally independent from the laptop and not part of the problem as I have the problem with out the speakers or amp installed. I will try to find the actual firmware version
  6. Not quite sure what you mean by the network speed, I'll get the firmware version and the unit ID
  7. Nope I specifically set everything to stay on and shut all power saving abilities off, disabled hibernation and screen saver stuff. This was the first thing I did when I started noticing the problems. I should clarify the 2 problems a little better. The lights that are not triggering usually don't start for about 20 minutes, however the 2nd song on the loop that seems to be choppy, is choppy from the get go......If I am in editing mode, its good to go and plays fine, but once I start a show, its choppy right from the start
  8. Unit is 3 weeks old, I will check the firmware to see how old it is
  9. Testing the lights, every circuit works, and when I start the show, everything works for about 20 minutes then it goes a little haywire.......I will try your fix for sure! that actually makes sense....., a simple change of command will force the parameters to do something. Ill let you know how this changes things
  10. There is no background programs going on , the laptop. I have drop every non essential program off the laptop so its plain Jane. I also added another 2MB of ram to make sure I have plenty of ram ( 4 MB) I forgot to mention the entire LOR set up is only 3 weeks old or so, I just got it delivered thee last week of November. I bought the entire set up from the controller to the CAT5 to the adapter and so on. The only thing I supplied is the laptop and the lights. My frustration level is so high now, Im about to just box it up and send it all back I have tried contacting LOR and I did get 2 responses back, but it took several days to hear back and both times the responses where of no help and didn't even address the problem as if they didn't even look at the problem rather than just had a standard response e mail ready to paste to every email as a response
  11. Have the standard 16 channel setup and have 2 songs playing on a loop, nothing fancy. Have all 16 channels being used........ For some reason when the first song plays, 2 of the channels choose to not come on at all ( I have them actually triggered to stay on solid) but they don't show up at all, and the second song decides that the music should be choppy and glitch through out the entire track. I have reset the controller several times, and upgraded the firmware, and dumped the program and reloaded it. I even erased the tracks and reprogrammed them and still have these problems. Funny thing is, I can hit the shut down schedule imidiatly and then enable the schedule, and it will restart and play normally for about 20 minutes then back to missing a few channels on one song and skipping the music on the other....... I am about to pull my hair out trying to fix this problem. Any advise would be great!!
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