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  1. Matrix is Height 16 pixel nodes Length 36 pixel nodes w/ 3" spacing
  2. H 16 x L36 3" spacing. This is what I want to do and have it Scroll across Thank you This what I want it to do, and scroll across the matrix
  3. Newbie here... For the life of me I have been trying to get the text to fit onto my matrix but can not seem to find the resize text etc. I have watched the text videos on youtube but still am at a loss here Thank you in advance David
  4. First I just started this year with this type of light show. Pretty much everything is working just need help on creating sequences for my specific layout. I never knew it took so much time to sequence a 2 min song lol. Wife Is pretty critical about props hitting the correct beat, lyric etc in the song. Now my question Is there a way to assign props to different imported Audacity timings. Example: Arches group assigned to Beats. So when you import the timing it auto generates effects into that group? Fill free to email my at david.heer@gmail.com or send message on here. Thank you everyone for your help and educating me on this new addiction in my life.
  5. Seeing if anyone would share this sequence with me. Thank you
  6. I would like a copy please, and THANK YOU in advance david.heer@gmail.com
  7. If you are still sharing I would like a copy david.heer@gmail.com Thank you!
  8. Awesome that worked great! Thank you
  9. Any suggestions on how to convert a 16CCR Tree Sequence into a Matrix 24x50 pixel (total 1,200 nodes) Thank you
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