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  1. I appreciate the help. I numbered my boxes 1 and 2 and each channel is numbered on the end of the cord. I have something plugged into every channel and my sequencing has almost zero “lights off” moments. Each song’s music starts and there is no light activity until 10-20 into the song. I know I have the sequencing so I have no idea why it’s plays everything else but the first portion and a few times in the song when it goes only channels 1-4 in box #1.
  2. Nothing changed other than the power plugs coming out of both of my boxes are now connected to different and some still the same props or lights outside in my yard.
  3. The only thing I changed was what each channel lit up outside. I changed nothing within the boxes (2 boxes with 32 channels total). i didn’t change the sequencing, scheduling, or anything within the boxes from last year.
  4. I didn't change a thing other than light arrangement. Otherwise, same laptop, same sequencing, same show. Each of my 3 songs aren't following the sequencing. All three, the music kicks on and the lights don't for 10-20 seconds as well as a few times during it's completely dark for 5-10 seconds. Didn't change a thing. It's primarily when it's only a few channels going that it's dark instead of going on. All windows updates are completed and everything is up to speed on my laptop. I ran a diagnostic but can't attach due to size.Please Help quickly!Thank you,Ryan
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