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  1. Yes! That was the key, adding the device! I added the new devices to the end of the existing channel list, created a new channel template. I was then able to import this channel template into the existing sequences and nothing was overwritten! With the copy and paste command I was able to get 12 sequences with new programming done quickly. Very cool since I haven't looked at this software in four years. Thanks folks- I can't believe I am done...
  2. Hello, I'm a newbie to the forum, but I have hands on experience with Light-o-rama, since I provide computer support for a nephew that has bought a TON of lights/controllers/sequences/etc. I got it up and running initially, but now he has added a bunch of hardware and sequences, plus new programming for these new devices. Support means I (and various family members) have to do all of the computer work for him. So I have a dozen or so musical sequences that I need to completely modify the channel configurations and then cut and paste new programming. I have estimated that to do this manually it will require a few thousand new rows, and clicking on the drop-down boxes to change names, device #'s etc. This might drive me insane, so I don't prefer this option. I have started to investigate the import channel config functionality, and I have found the following method to recreate the sequences: 1. Create a new sequence and manually create about 144 rows for 8 devices with 16 channels each. 2. Export this to a new channel config 3. Recreate 12 musical sequences, starting with the new channel config each time. 4. Go back to the original sequences, and cut the original programming, and paste into the new sequences. Please tell me there is an easier way!!! Thanks in advance! JohnK
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