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  1. Jim , If you go to Facebook and look up Mark L. Swartz. you can see what I programmed around Yesterday and some of the looks that I was playing with when I had the first Matrix Half built.
  2. YES , I AM WALKING ON AIR THANKS TO YOU. i LABELED EVERYTHING including the Pixie 8 for the Tree. I m gonna go back to frys since they sell so many different Colored Cat6, im gonna make the Pixcons all Orange and everything else will be the Green or the Black. I programmed for a coupla Hours Sunday. Got the Matrix's and Floods in for a pink Floyd thing im doing.The Floods are going to add such depth to what i am trying to accomplish. I do have a lot of pixels out on the Strands that ive laid out so i have my work cut out to replace them but at least they are not in the Matrix' yet. This is really getting Fun guys. I cant thank you Guys enough.
  3. Jim , do you mind if I call you this evening when I get home and am sitting in front of the Equipment. I don't want to bother you but this is getting a little frustrating between E1.31 and RS485 and the COM errors I keep getting.
  4. Actually, there will eventually be the (2) Pixcon's on E1.31. Then im working on getting just the CMB24(FOR 8 10W FLOODS) talking and playing Back. Then on down the line with (2) Pixie 16's, (2) AC controllers, A Pixie Tree(KIT) Plus , I bought the Add-on for the radio. Right now, I am trying to keep it simple. I played around with my system for about 10 minutes last night but I go to bed real early as I get up real early everyday. I don't want to post anything else about whats going on until im sitting in front of the whole set up but now there seems to be some problem recognizing the Second pixcon it said something like you cant use the same COM port for both the Pixcon's but like I said, im not sitting in front of the System to explain what im seeing. it will have to wait until Saturday Morning. Thanks for all the Patience and Help guys. I will get there eventually.
  5. (A) I thought i was at the pro level but here it tells me that im only at advanced. (B) I think i will just keep them separate for now. So , with the Pixcons using 16 unit ID's/controller does that mean that my next unit ID's need to be above 32?.....16 for each Pixcon? And can the CMB24 still be Unit ID# 01 because it is coming from the serial port?ANDDDDDDD i also bought 2 PIXI 16's which will eventually run 10 box's of SMart Pixels 2811 CCR-II's so they are gonna need 32 more unit id's . Correct?
  6. dgrant, o.k., here is what I have so far that I do know about. I have two Pixcon 16's . Coming off my laptop running windows 10. I am going out to my Switch then Feeding Pixcon#1 and a separate line from the Switch to Pixcon #2. there IP Address's are and respectively. I am aware that they are separate from the CMB24 which I have plugged to a usb port then to the RS485 then out to the CMB24.We did the Addressing for the Pixcon's in Network preferences. and then I have been going to the Hardware utility to configure the CMB. Whenever I open the hardware utility it tells me that there is something running already on Com 3. and that it has to stop the Com listener (I THINK) Im writing this from work on my lunch break so im not home to look at it more closely. I can get the spots to chase in the Hardware Utility so im sure they are working. Im just doing something Stupid and don't know what it is yet. I once again want to thank each and everyone of you who chime in here. As this will only be a great learning experience. I was a lighting guy on the Road for 13 years really big tours 20 trucks and Bigger Mostly all DMX. So in order to make those shows happen on time. everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING was marked and color coded. Once I get thru this little hiccup, I will color code everything and label as I go. thanks again all.
  7. Yes, the control panel is launched. The Matrix's that I have built are working Fantastic. They are Coming from my Ethernet Connection on my windows 10 Laptop. Then I have 2 USB ports on the other side where I am connected to the RS485 adapter and into the CMB24. From the Hardware utility, it will discover the CMB24 Addressed as 01. The lights on the CMB are then solid and I can test the Floods. I am pretty sure at this point that it has a lot to do with how I have the Floods addressed in the software portion. I also think that this will be my issue moving forward when I get to the other controllers (PIXY16'S AND THE A/C CONTROLLERS, THE TREE PACKAGE,AND SO ON). Once I have a firm grasp of the Addressing and unit ID world, I think I will be off to the Races. So The PIXCON16's are on the Serial port going to a switch then out to the two Pixcon's That is working fine No Problems . Then the USB port on the other side of my Laptop to the RS485 then connected directly to the CMB24. Maybe a little help walking thru this portion could give me the grasp that I am looking for. Much appreciate all you guys and you knowledge.
  8. Mr. P. i dont think i know how to keep it simple. LOL. Like i said in earlier posts. i have gotten the pixcons working. NOW my problem is with the CMB24 for my Flood lites. I still dont understand the Addressing process or the unit ID's i think. In the hardware utility i can discover the CMB24 . I can get the Controller to test the Floods but play back is not happening.
  9. Jim, it is working and tomorrow I will be programming. I want to thank you for all the help that you have given me. I hope that I can call you as I get closer for more advise. Mark.
  10. Jim, we set the thing up last nite to come off the LAN and then to the switch and then to the pixcon. Jim, I'm out tonight but when I get home I am going to send you some pics of what we set up on the PC. When you have time no hurry, but could you look at my configuration and comment?
  11. No, I dont think I truly understand the unit I'd. I did mention that I was coming off a switch so I'm using the serial port, going to a switch then out to the 2 pistons. The RS485 will be used later for the ac controller s. Right now I'm just trying to get my feet wet with the pixels.
  12. We are set up in ELOR Regular com 3. 1000k EnhANCED. DMX Universes 1 thru 8. Ip address of Right now both of the lights on the board are solid. The subnet mask is showing I dont even know what that means. Pixel port setup is 1thru 8 ports are also 1 thru 8 starting universes. Start channel is 1. 150 pixels each end universe is 1thru 8. When I put a random butterfly effect on the matrix s5 software. I can see it in the preview but it doesn't playback on my pixel display. I hope I gave you enough info so you know what's wrong. If you need more ask away. Thanks in advance. P.s. I'm using the serial port out of my windows 10 PC. To a switch then out to said pixcon16's.
  13. Are you using the pixcon.for the matrix? If so, could you tell me how you addressed it and how to see it playback. I'm really out of options on how to see what I've done.
  14. Thanks, I'm aware that it wont look right with the pixels on 2" centers for pictures but that's is not what I will be doing with these. Think Pink Floyd meets Christmas. My problem right now is playback to the matrix. I have yet to make that happen. I can get them to chase in the test program but cant make a sequence play back. So any input to that end would be helpful. I have over 6000.oo in new toys but not much tech knowledge to this end yet. I will get there eventually.
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