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  1. Anybody have any spiral tree sequences? Thanks
  2. Jeff74

    Channel set up

    Well 4 channels play on my show! Half way there! The shows were created in Super Star and then exported into S5(Advance). Might I have a channel conflict between the two pieces of software? Half a show is better than none though!
  3. Jeff74

    Channel set up

    Thanks for the words of encouragement and offers of help. Last night I was ready to chuck my laptop in the woods but after walking away for the night I feel like it's not an impossible task to get through! Just frustrating when you spend a butt load of money and it doesn't play nice! Stay tuned. Tonight is another night
  4. Jeff74

    Channel set up

    For Sale. One never used Pixie Tree......I'm over this thing
  5. Jeff74

    Channel set up

    Ok great! Thanks. Trying to get through the list for lights!
  6. Jeff74

    Channel set up

    Step 34. Enhance box won't allow me to click it? What did I miss?
  7. Jeff74

    Channel set up

    So that what I figured so I up my licenses to v5.2.2 Advanced and my Super Star to accommodate for the 8 ports. Is there something in configuration that I'm missing. Everywhere I've seen where it might ask I've made it reflect that. There are 16 strings on the tree but only 25 nodes per string, so 50 nodes per port(up and back down for one port).
  8. Jeff74

    Channel set up

    I just purchase my first LOR system. It's a 16 by 25 pixel tree. 8 channels. 50 pixels per channel. When I use the supplies software to create a show with Super Star 4 I'm unable to retrieve it once its saved. Therefor I cant import it to the show builder. The weird thing is a couple have work but only two of the eight channels are firing! Need help!!!
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