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  1. Thank you everyone for taking the time to provide your comments and recommendations. My incandescent controllers are gen3 and interestingly enough, the pixel tree is working with the ELL’s at 57.6K. It’s the arches that are giving me the problems. Nevertheless though, I am going to purchase another USB485-HS adapter and create another high speed network for the pixel tree. Now the challenge becomes, the most efficient way to run Ethernet from inside to outside without drilling a hole. . Thanks again everyone.
  2. Hello. Have a question about my network config that I’m hoping one of you experts out there can help me with. I purchased the 16X25 Pixel tree kit this year and have added it into my existing incandescent network. The layout is like this - PC connected to indoor incandescent controller via USB485-HS adapter. ELL connected to that indoor incandescent controller to communicate with an outdoor incandescent controller and the pixie controller. They are all currently running on a regular enhanced network at 57.6K. While the pixel tree seems to function exactly how we sequenced it, the incandescent lights are not, especially my arches. Should I have 2 separate networks configured? One just for the incandescent controllers and another for the pixel tree with separate USB485-HS adapters? If so, any other way around having to use another USB485-HS adapter? Could I run Ethernet right from the PC to the pixie controller? Any advice or suggestions is much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond and provide this information. I saved my PE sequences as intensity files and everything is up and running now through SE just as you suggested. As far as your network suggestion, do you have 2 of the USB485-HS adapters hooked up to your PC then, one to control the pixel tree and one to control your incandescent lights or are they all through the same adapter? Thanks again.
  4. Did you end up figuring out how to incorporate it into your existing sequences? I purchased the 16x25 pixel tree kit as well and have successfully sequenced it using pixel editor. The problem I have now is trying to combine my existing sequences from sequence editor with the pixel tree in pixel editor. I have opened the existing SE sequences in PE, along with my pixel tree and it brings over the channels, but I can’t actually view or edit them. In addition, I have incandescent leaping arches in those SE sequences and it seems like they have a mind of their own when playing them through PE as they just randomly flash. Any advice or suggestions that anybody can offer is much appreciated.
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