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  1. After I fixed it then it was very obvious that’s what it needed. 🤯
  2. It looks like I got it to notice the 2nd unit. I had to plug in each unit one at a time separated from each other and change the unit ID. I guess I wasn’t able to make that change with them hooked up to each other. Then I Hook them up to each other and refreshed it and it found both units. I can now toggle between both units.
  3. Thank you for your time Don. So I was thinking that, but when I click the drop-down it still shows 01–16PC–G3VER1.09 and on the left of the refresh it only says found 1 unit. When I change the existing ID number to 01 and hit Change unit ID. I notice if I go back to hardware or I hit refresh it goes back to the same long winded unit number.
  4. Hello new to the community it’s my 2nd year. I am trying to add a 2nd controller and it seems that my hardware utility is not recognizing a 2nd controller. The instructions that came in the box seems very straightforward but yet it’s not recognizing it. I have the two units hooked up using a ethernet but yet my hardware utility only recognizes one unit. When I click on “on at 100%” in hardware utility all 32 channels work but it says it only finds one unit. I do a bad job explaining stuff through text. I’m open for a phone call at this point if you’re knowledgeable in troubleshooting. I’m very good at following directions. Well I guess just not the light-o-Rama directions hahahahaha. Thank you in advance
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