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  1. I double checked and I do have prop set up for 510. Thanks though. I am a newbie at this and it could be something simple I'm missing.
  2. maybe I need to go back to S4. Seems silly. I don't see a channel config section anywhere in S5 either. Thanks for the input.
  3. I used sequencer this year with a 16 ckt controller. Built my own sequences and had no real problems i couldn't solve. Now I am using the pro version with S5 and trying to get a CCB with 2 strings to work. It tests fine with HU but I can't seem to get sequencer to give me a full list of the circuits I need. I can get to a point where it will give me Unit ID 01:01 to 01:16 then it switches to unit 2 up to 16 and so on. the first 16 channels work the lights, after that from 2 on nothing does. How do I get it to list all 100 or 300 all showing unit 1?
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