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  1. Thank you all, I gave this a try, and the Max unit ID was set for 18 as suggested. 10, 11, and 12 would be found even with a Hexadecimal count, right?
  2. Hi again, the ID did not revert to 01 after I shut down, moved the jumper over, powered on, moved it back, and powere don again. Unit ID stays as 11/10.
  3. Hi the ducks, I set the unit ID to 10,11, and 13 for each of the three new Gen 3 contollers. I also set them on their own network; prior to this, they were sharing a network with two Pixie 8 trees, and they blinke don and off during a sequence/show. ( I wanted the trees on their own 500k enhanced network.) I set the Unit IDs for the controllers that are not working by unplugging all other networks and devices, and manually set the IDs in Hardware Utility one at a time- and I tested them via Console (they worked). When I do this again, they will not appear however. I know its not the Comm/adapter, because it works with other devices. Only controller 11 woks, and it will not output data to any other controller (tho Im assuming its the other two controllers because they will not appear on the network even when only one is attached). I DID try the Channel configuration check : there was an error where There were two different "unit 11s" listed, but That seems more like it would mess up the Unit 11 sequence than prevent other controllers from being recognized? It could be a unit ID problem or the JP3- Ill look at the JP3 thing now, but do you think it could be that there was something done wrong in HU when I set the others up?
  4. Hey thanks jfuller8400, I did check the jacks and don’t see any bent pins. All of the controllers have solid green status lights on whether the HU/SE is running or not. The verify did come up with message 28- a channel in some of my sequences has no input so I should delete it to increase speeds... but that doesn’t explain the issue of the controllers not appearing in HU or working with SE, once I daisy chained them. I’m wondering if the jacks are broken in some a other way, or if the boards inside the controllers need a hard reset.... I tried to add them to a dif network as well and same issue
  5. I need help guys! So we have three new Gen 3 controllers on their own Comm network, which is set as "Aux B", so they will receive the instructions from SEditor sent to AUx B. Each of the 3 controllers have unique IDs 10.11.and 12 respectively. They each performed perfectly when I had them connected by themself and they turned the LEDs on and off as part of the sequence. But once I daisy chained them together with cat5e, the Sequences will NOT work at any of the three controllers. In addition to this, when I use Hardware Utility to search Comm 7, which all 3 are definitely on, only 1 unit is found. Yes, I have set the unit Max ID search to 16 units, so I'm not missing them. They worked alone when I set them up and tested, but they will not work all 3 together for a sequence! And not in any combination, I've tried that. I tried switching Cat5s out and switching the In/out Cat5s around. I'm stuck, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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