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  1. Thanks for all the info. I don't think MIIP will work for me. I don't want to change the autoplay order and I don't think it will work with the interactive push buttons. Passers by can use the push buttons to play 4 specific songs from the autoplay list, 9 songs not on the play list, plus the Song of the Day. For now I 'bit the bullet' and created two new shows for each day (daytime and evening). The only difference in each show is which file is played when the Song of the Day button is pushed. But I may play around with MIIP in the future...
  2. That is too cool. After I put in the push buttons several people asked me if there was an app so they wouldn't have to get out of their car to push a button.... Also, if that forces reloading the sequence files it may solve the problem. The resson I want it to change automatically is that I won't be home several days during the season.
  3. I'm not familiar with MIIP. Can you tell me what it is?
  4. Thanks for all the advice. It appears that the file is loaded into memory the first time it is referenced by any show in the show player and is not reloaded when the show ends and then re-starts the next day. LOR has advised creating a scheduled job to end and restart the show player after the file update. I have no problem creating scheduled tasks, but I'm not sure how I would stop and re-start the show player under a scheduled task. A bit tricky to de-bug since the shows are now running.
  5. 11/25/2018 1:37 pm Raymond Burleigh I want a push button to play a Song of the Day. I set up an interactive Show that starts at 7 AM to play a file called c:\LOR\Sequences\SOD\SOD.lms when the button is pressed. Then I set up a scheduled batch file to load a different sequence into the SOD.lms file each night at midnight. The idea is that I only have to create one show and schedule instead of 37 different ones. However, even though yesterday's SOD.lms file has been replaced with today's file, when I press the button yesterday's file plays. The log says it is playing sod.lms.lcs. I tried deleting SOD.lms.lcs, but it still plays yesterday's song. The log says it is playing c:\LOR\Sequences\SOD\SOD.lms, but the sequence it plays is the sequence that was previously in the SOD.lms file, not the new SOD.lms file. If I stop the show from the system tray and then restart it, then the new SOD.lms file plays. But I want this to work automatically, without manual intervention. I tried setting the "Load sequences as needed" option in the show editor, but that didn't solve the problem.
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