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  1. I am hoping to find a 16 channel sequence for "Little Drummer Boy" by Pentatonix. My wife and I saw this on the super tree and loved the music and would love to have this for our display for our kids to enjoy. Any help here is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi James, a couple members referred me to this thread and said to get with you about sequences for my "brand new" CCR 12 Super tree. I got my 16 channel controller with TSO starter package up and running. Next is the super tree. Any sequence help from you would be awesome. Next I got to find out how to put tree and light controllers together in sequences to make shows..... All help is much appreciated
  3. Thank you Orville, Really appreciate the start and help. So far my son and family are loving the basics, gonna be great when I can take this over the top with the tree.
  4. Hi, New to LOR, got my basic starter system last Wednesday with CCR 12 super tree (no star). I just got my lights up and running Saturday with the basic 16 channel controller. Have it going with the director and FM transmitter with my house lights. Looking to get sequences for my CCR 12 super tree that is next to go up. I have the basic TSO package from the SD card editable. I believe I need the sequences for the tree and then got to find the way to tie the two together. Digging in these forums is brutal as every keyword search brings up 1000 replies. Any sequence offerings would be great so I can at least fully test the tree, then will get to coordinating both controllers and sequences in to a show. thanks for any offerings and help.
  5. Hi, I am most likely the newest member of the LOR display squad. I purchased the Super Tree with 12 ribbons. I have been digging but there are tons of posts. Where can I get specific sequences for my 12 ribbon CCR super tree. If you are sharing and they work for me I would love anything that can get me started and testing. I do not have the star as of yet. Wanted to start with the controller for the tree and the 12 ribbons set and not get too buried with house lights mixed in. Doing all this for my autistic son as he loves Christmas lights and hope to make his month. Lights are going up tomorrow with the basic 16 channel controller/director and transmitter.... looking to add the tree through the following days. Any help is hugely appreciated. I did get the basic TSO starter package. Dropping the 2k will be nothing if I get the elation from my son I hope to get. winetechinc@yahoo.com
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