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  1. Thanks Greg. This is year #4 and I'm officially hooked.
  2. I did not know I could manually put a controller number in the drop down box, although I see you were telling me to use that box yesterday. Well guess what, entering "01" in that box lets me test the controller functions. Looks like it's good to go. Thanks for your help, John
  3. Ponddude wrote: No, it does not make sense. I am not running HU and SE at the same time as I know the port can only be used by one program at a time. As soon as I launch HU, the controller LED goes solid. Auto Configure doesn't find anything, and when manually set to COM3, no controllers are found when I click Refresh. I've tried every combination and clicked every button I see in HU and no controller ever shows up in "Select controller to configure..." After launching SE the LED turns solid even before I open an existing sequence. I'm not sure where you're asking about "putting the number in the field". It doesn't make a difference if I put "01" in HU, the 1602W has the switches set to 0 and 1.
  4. Just figured out that the controller controls lights when Network Preferences are set to COM3 in the Sequence Editor. While l still need the Hardware Utility to work, at least I don't need another computer to run the show.
  5. I went through everything on that document that pertains to XP and still get the same behavior. I've never had luck getting these converters to work properly. Thanks for your help.
  6. That didn't work. The error box says "Unable to locate the Light O Rama Port. Check that the controller is connected and that it is powered on." I know the controller knows it's connected so I'm not sure why it's not found.
  7. My new computer doesn't have a COM port so I bought a USB to RS232 adapter from Light O Rama with my new 1602W controllers. I installed the driver, plugged in the converter and checked Device Manager. The converter is listed as "Prolific USB-to-Serial COMM Port (COM3)" and says it's working properly. Rebooted the computer. I can't get the Hardware wizard to find the controller. I have one controller (Unit 01) connected to the converter. The controller LED flashes until I launch the Hardware utility, then it's solid. Looks like the controller knows it's connected. Since COM1 is in use I changed the Manual Select box to COM3, since that's the port that the computer installed the converter on. Had to go turn X10 first off since it was on COM3. When I click Refresh to go find the unit, none is found. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Oh yeah... I got a tracking number. :cool: Time to update the signature...
  9. ShawnT wrote: Congrats! I'm in the same boat, going from 64 channels to adding 7 more LOR1602Ws this year for a total of 11. I'm going to need a bigger monitor.
  10. Duke wrote: Sweet. Never a doubt in my mind that they'd make it right.
  11. jbc455 wrote: But when you add one to your cart it still shows up as $365... UNLESS you empty your cart of the $365 ones first!
  12. rwertz wrote: But when you add one to your cart it still shows up as $365...
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