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  1. would love this as well. Thanks, James worldclasssniper@yahoo.com
  2. Would you mind sending those my way as well? worldclasssniper@yahoo.com If you have any of those you are willing to share, I would love them. Thank you
  3. Are your two cords used on the same circuit? I haven't run power to my area yet, I can easily run 6+ circuits if I need to. Currently only have 3 controllers but that'll extend next year, I want to try RGB next year
  4. And with that, you don't need to put anything into the push connectors (if that's what they're called) on the director itself correct?
  5. I want to use the MP3 director with my display and I believe it is correctly wired and uploaded etc... I know that it needs a timer or switch to actually run the display, so my question is this... If I use a solar timer, or something similar, do I make a plug end to go into the timer, and then leave the other end bare wires to tie into the director? I can't seem to find that part of the diagram. I imagine it is as simple as that, but want to be sure Thanks all
  6. Awesome, good to know. I was a little nervous about possibly overloading one of the controllers, there are quite a few HD bulbs on one of the controllers but it seemed fine the way it was. This could/would help with that in the future
  7. Ok, that's what I figured, but wanted top double check before doing that. I'll make the jumpers tonight and re-test tomorrow Thanks. I'm such a hands on learner that reading these things doesn't always make sense to me. Another question, if I use both plugs, instead of a jumper, could I, in theory, plug each plug into a different circuit? Then would that make each bank on the controller a separate 120v?
  8. I took the 2nd cord off the controller, had it in my head that if using 2 cords, it would be putting 240v into the controller. Was worried about hurting the controller. I will take a pic of the jumpers in the other 2 controllers and post it shortly. Btw, the other controllers only have 1 power cord as well...
  9. I bought my 1st 16 channel controller from the website earlier this year, and then bought 2 more 16 channel controllers from another member on the forums. I didn't do anything with the 1st controller as far as setup, considering I was planning to use it as unit 1 the whole time. The 2 controllers I got from the other member I re-configured to be named unit 2 and 3 respectively, but did nothing else on them. When running my first test tonight, I noticed that there was 8 channels (1-8) not lighting up on controller unit 1. I looked at all the controllers and the only difference that I can clearly see between the controllers is that there is a jumper on units 2 & 3 but not on one. Wanted to be sure that it is needed before I do it though. Thanks
  10. Haha, it sure did get jacked, but that's ok. It was healthy discussion
  11. The code has gotten way ridiculous... Finished a basement last year and had to double up gfci and afci protection on all circuits... so an AFCI breaker, with the first plug being gfci... The homeowner called me in a rage because his coffee maker tripped the circuit every time. I've seen plenty of people by the breakers and then return them after the inspection. On another note, I've got a friend of a friend who is on the code making committee, as a person who fights to get erroneous and ridiculous code removed from the books
  12. ooooh I love watching things smoke and the smell of burnt electronics... I never attended a get together in Simi, but my dad and all of his family live there, so I've been there once or twice 😛
  13. Makes sense to let the neutral carry the remaining balance. Good point. Thanks
  14. K6, I used to live in Santa Clarita... not too far away, I have probably seen your display at one point or another
  15. Perfect, thanks guys, I kinda figured that, but wanted to ask to be sure. Appreciate it
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