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  1. Mine is better i posted ages ago http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=U1zrLb13GPo
  2. Ok thanx all for your help it was a new triac board I think its broken It mas already built not a kit Ill send it back thanx dan cheers all Tony
  3. any light it just remains on Im baffled
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me, one of my channels, No7 stays on all the time its like its stuck or broken. any Ideas Tony
  5. OH wow, Ill try it now Thanx Who knew Cheers Tony
  6. Is there anyway to modify the Triac Board to handle a 12 watt battery instead of mains power. If not can you custom order it? If so HOW??? let me know Cheers TONY Not just used for lights
  7. It is a daisy chain that requires a terminator on the end device. (Whats this) You will need to buy an iDMX from LOR. This is the DMX controller and it goes inline with your other LOR controllers.I 2 So do i need the 16 channels also You just have to understand that a device (light) will have more than one LOR channel assigned to it, depending on the fixture. (FIXTURE ??????)
  8. my email is vulcanfi@bigpond.net.au.
  9. Is there a idiots guide to Ligh o ramas DMX 1. What to buy 2. how it works 3. how to hook it up 4. how to program it Please Explaine ;):shock:
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