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  1. Still looking for this sequence if anyone would like to share. Thnaks in advance. SKYSKIOC@GMAIL.COM
  2. Would love a copy too James. Could I get one sent to me ? Skyskioc@Gmail.com
  3. Was wondering if anyone had "That Spirit of Christmas" by Ray Charles 64 Channel they would like to share ? Thanks Send to SKYSKIOC@Gmail.com
  4. Would love a copy also Stephan. Could I get a copy also ? Thanks . Skyskioc@gmail.com
  5. Shadowrider73, Is there a chance I can get the LMS for this also ? This is a tough one to find. Thanks in advance. SKYSKIOC@GMAIL.com
  6. Could I get a copy also James ? Send to Skyskioc@gmail.com
  7. Looking for 16 or 32 light sequence only for "Whats this" from the nightmare before Christmas. Lights only no faces or anything special. I'm new to LOR and trying to put together some shows for my yard. Any help is apprecieated. Send link to Skyskioc@gmail.com Thanks forum !
  8. New to the forums and in need of 16 or 32 channel sequences for the original LOR controllers. No faces yet nothing fancy just good old sequences. Just getting in to LOR. Made the switch from Animated Lighting. I"m just basic lights on the house and small christmas trees in the front and candy canes and a mega tree. Would love some of the following if anyone can share. Not limited to the ones below. Any other christmas sequences is fine also ( All Songs) Your kindness is appreciated. Send to SKYSKIOC@GMAIL.COM Thank you forums Josh Groban - Believe (from Polar Express) Celine DIon - God Bless us everyone Mavis Staples - Christmas Vacation Mariah Carey - Baby Please come home Trans Siberian Orchestra (Any and all of the good ones) Esp Oh Holy Night, Christmas Jam, Etc
  9. If I could get a copy too James, That would be great ! Thanks. Skyskioc@gmail.com
  10. Hi, I'm new to LOR and have made the jump from Anamated Lighting. I have 2 16 channel controllers with 2 more coming soon for a total of 64 this year. I am in need of. Sequences to replace my old library of sequences from my old system. If anyone has standard sequences they would like to share with me, it would be appreciated. I need any Christmas sequences especially Trans Siberian Orchestra, Josh Groban, Mariah Carey, Christmas Vacation, Etc. All the popular ones. Trying to get up and running by Thanksgiving. Thank you forum for the help. You can send to SKYSKIOC@Gmail.com
  11. Also looking for 32 channel sequences for LOR. I'm new to LOR and have 32 channel standard controllers and unit to 64 soon. Made the jump from Anamated lighting and I'm starting out new. Need Christmas and Halloween sequences. Any help appreciated Thnaks forum skyskioc@gmail.com
  12. Same here ! In need of 32 channel sequences. Any Christmas ones will do. New to LOR and running out of time to get my display up and running. All Help appreciated Thank you SKYSKIOC@GMIAL.COM
  13. Would love a copy also ! Thanks SKYSKIOC@GMAIL.COM
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