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  1. If I was to use four 4-port controllers I could possibly make this work if I could space the pixels 4 inches apart.
  2. Could you explain how you "put all pixels on E1.31" as it is a faster network? Thank you!
  3. So I gather that due to control and communication issues the controller can not be anymore than 15 feet away from the first pixel of the light string. Is that correct? Then a 16 pixie controller would not be best to use due to layout distance restrictions. If that is true then the optimal way to control my application would be with multiple 2 or 4 pixie controllers. I don't seem to be able to find any 2 or 4 pixie controllers on LOR's web site. Any ideas? What is a HC Bullet? (Guessing some kind of light string) Thank you for the info!
  4. Hello! I am just getting my feet wet with LOR but I have some experience with Arduino coding applications. I just retired my 15 year old 4 strand Christmas light system that used a 4 channel digital special effects generator. I would like to start this year with: - Installation of permanent LED addressable pixels mounted in a j-channel around the front and sides of my roof line. Questions about a 12V system installed on the 340 foot roof line (see scanned image): How often do I need to insert power for voltage drop? What controller should I use and how many will I need? Best controller locations? Are multiple power supplies needed? Recommended LEDs? LED spacing? I don't see any spacing specs. I am considering the 16 x 100 square pixels with controller package. Will this cover 340 feet? Thank you!
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