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  1. My whole house FM transmitter is in a dull blinking mode and won't let me adjust the frequency numbers. One of the power wires came out of SD card reader/show player. I put the wires back in and secured the wire with the tiny lug connectors. I also added a 50" phone cord to get box better protected from weather. Any advice from anyone. I would be on with my show if someone could help me out.
  2. Are these still available. Mainly the first listing
  3. Is there something wrong with the Control Panel Log or is these entries normal?
  4. Got it shut off thank you everyone for taking the time to help me with my problem... ok this problem that is...
  5. I recently upgraded to Advanced from Basic +. Now I have my command prompt screen that stays on. Every time I close it it reopens automatically then minimizes on my task bar.
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