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  1. I also think issues like this should be talked about and not hidden behind close doors. But as you said "life goes on"
  2. I completely agree and I was calm, polite, not demanding and patient the whole time. The temperature where they "froze" up was +6 Fahrenheit or around -14 Celsius. Thank goodness we had a warm December. I was actually very surprised how this came about. I know everything does not work perfect with this hobby but customer service does go along way.
  3. Well its official Wow lights and there supplier tested there lights in a freezer and they worked fine. (I guess all mass produced lights are perfect) Even a video of my lights acting up in the middle of a string and me heating the pixel after the last working pixel with a heat gun and poof they all worked until they cooled meant nothing. Or me bringing a string inside and connecting it directly to there controller and power supply and half the string not working until they warmed up take them back outside and the issue comes back. I really jumped through a lot of hoops to show I was competent I was, and eliminate all possible issues. It was always have you checked your wiring, power supply, common ground, null pixels ect ect. I even sent them the daily high and low temperatures for the month of December to show them it was not that it was not to cold to cause this issue. And out of all my strings it was only there icicles (ones closest to the controllers) that acted up. Yes there good at returning calls and emails when I had questions in the beginning of my setup, but by the time they did call me back or email me I figured it out. I spent thousands there this year and even a simple offer of a free sequence would of been somthing. But I did not directly ask for any compensation or replacements, so I guess thats my fault. Heck I had some leds from ray wu where a few blue sub pixels quit working he asked for a picture and the next time I placed a order he sent a some replacements (and I never asked) Those lights worked fine in cold weather and were ALOT cheaper. And I do have to say Mike and Brian were always nice to talk too and always polite. So they me be great guys but I will not give them a penny this year. And if Mike or Brian use this forum and want to say somthing about this well im all for it as I have videos and emails to back up every word I just said. Okay im done my little hissy fit.
  4. I was talking to all the police officers at the new years party last night and they said what happened is very rare. One jokingly suggested "maybe someone had a seizure looking at them and accidentally knocked them over".
  5. Last night it was a bit warmer than forecasted it only dropped to -31f. All of my lights worked perfect except the icicles from wowlights. (they are ws2811 pixel nodes too) With my ws2811 pixel nodes My longest run is along my light fence around the lawn, it is 600 pixel nodes and I inject power every 150 pixels and I have not had any noticeable dimming or issues even in cold weather. My ws2811 light strips across the roof worked great too with those I for every 3 16ft runs I inject power twice. (those are 30 led per meter 3 leds per ic) Its nice to know that everything I got from ray wu works perfect in very cold weather.
  6. With the wind chill it can get colder than -50f here. Everyone is a house mouse then.
  7. I'm pretty sure If I read the agreement I agreed too when I purchased them...…. it would say the same thing somewhere. Well in the next couple days its dropping to -35 f I guess I get to see the limits of my entire light show with cold.
  8. I live in Canada there no Second Amendment rights here. My lights are all low voltage so cutting the wire would be uneventful.
  9. I know this is not the right topic but I was browsing the forum and see the sequence sharing section. Is it okay if I share my altered purchased sequences?
  10. Yah I guess ill set up a couple more camera's. I never thought in a million years that this would happen in such a small community. Our town has a population of 2500. This will get figured out as not much happens in a small town without eventually getting out. Plus half the police station will be at the new years party this year But on the bright side I have not touched any lights for three weeks, some morning soldiering was a nice change.
  11. I tried these, and I have one 70ft run that is working well. But I only purchase a couple to test. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/TTL-SPI-signal-Amplifier-for-SD-controller/32832715349.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.21a24c4d5sm0eD
  12. No the deer around here don't wear shoes we had fresh snow yesterday. and the wire cuts are clean. Im good friends with all the neighbours so Ill ask around
  13. Is this common I woke up this morning and now have 20 ft of my led perimeter fence broke, pulled out and cut. Is this common. I don't leave my lights on late and I use a radio station so I don't blast the neighbours They even were smart enough to do it in the corner where my camera doesn't point.
  14. I assumed it could control 12 reciever boards and each reciever board can control 4 channels and with power injection I can safely run 150 pixels per channel. So with one simple cat5 cable and power injection I can run 12 sets of 50 pixels and not have to worry about long data runs. (if that makes sense) For the mega tree, that atm is still being designed in my head. I was going to use a pixicon16 since most of it will be needed for the one prop. (less expensive and I should not have to inject as much power). I would prefer to keep as much lor as possible since besides a bad cat5 cable I had zero issues.
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