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  1. DMX Connection

    What is the proper firmware upgrade for old 1600w boxes and 1602w boxes? Didn't want to upload the wrong ones. Thanks for your help.
  2. DMX Connection

    I can't find this in the forum. Does the DMX lights have to complete a circuit back to the DMX box? I don't know if I need to bring another cable back from the last light to the box. Thanks for any help.
  3. Just wondering if there is a way to use some type of wireless adapter from your transmitter inside to an outside antenna. This would eliminate running the coax outside to the antenna. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  4. Let It Go, Froxen.. who wants it

    Could I get a copy also. Thanks so much. Arthur Suiter Chesapeake, Ohio asuiter@netacs.net
  5. Frozen- Let it go sequence

    Could I get a copy of this please. Thanks so much. Arthur Suiter Chesapeake, Ohio asuiter@netacs.net
  6. Let It Go from Disney's Frozen

    Could I get a copy of the Frozen sequence please. Thank you. Arthur Suiter Chesapeake, Ohio asuiter@netacs.net
  7. Frozen- Let it go sequence

    Hi, My 3 yr. old granddaughter insists that I do Frozen next year. If I could see yours it would be great. Thank you for any help Arthur Suiter asuiter@netacs.net
  8. DMX and LOR for Dummies

    Thanks for the reply Brandon. So when they say eight channels will the lasers need eight power sources each from the 1602W? Just wondered how they would be connected. Do I need any other adapters for the iDMX-1000? Thanks for all the help. Arthur
  9. DMX and LOR for Dummies

    Since this is for dummies I need a couple of answers. If I incorporate 2 Lasers into my show that they say will work with the iDMX-1000 Intelligent DMX512 Converter do I need just one 1602W box to go with this? They say each laser takes 8 channels. Also, can I program these lights on my regular LOR sequence editor? These probably have been answered before but I couldn't find anything that applied. Thanks for any help. Arthur
  10. Sequence won't shut down

    Thanks guys......it worked great. This is slowly coming back to me.
  11. Sequence won't shut down

    I'm guess that would be the 2.6.0. I will try the Audacity thing.....I remember this happening before but have taken a couple of years off. Thanks for the help Chuck.
  12. Sequence won't shut down

    No....the little tracer at the bottom keeps flashing and the stop won't come back up.....it still is in play mode.
  13. Sequence won't shut down

    I looked for this on the boards but couldn't find the problem listed. I have a couple of songs that won't end when the sequence is over. It seems to lock up at the end of the song and won't shut down. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. 272 channel sequences avalibale

    Hey Brian, Could I get Wizards in Winter please. Thanks Arthur asuiter@netacs.net
  15. Schedule Editor

    I am having a problem and don't know if I forgot to do something. I schedule a show in the schedule editor and save it but the status always says Next Show at 12:00 AM. I can't get the show to start on time. Thanks for any help. Art