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  1. Hey James, I got the sequence to work for "Nothing Else Matters".... Awesome THANK YOU!!! Can you shoot me this one too?? hades_wrath@yahoo.com your sequences are perfect!!
  2. YES SIR!! PLEASE DO!! Metallica is our FAV !! Sandman? One? Thank You!! hades_wrath@yahoo.com
  3. I have bought the Christmas Canon Mega Tree Sequence from HC, but I have (4) RGB arches that I want the "Leaping Arches" effect in this song. I have seen it online, does anyone have it?? Or directions to make this happen easily within S5? I would to just be able to cut and paste... hades_wrath@yahoo.com Merry Christmas 2018!!!
  4. Can someone tell me the exact dimensions of the the LOR Square Pixels? Will they fit in a pipe that is 1 3/4" i.d?
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