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  1. I am really wanting just ends to solder up exact lengths that can be labeled and installed the same way every season. Have not had much luck other than expensive pairs that are field installed with screw down connections.
  2. I found the direct burial wire the other day, looks like a better solution, I wish the conductor colors had blue! I really like for things to be consistent even though not necessary. I really want to find good 4-pin barrel connectors, looks like solid appollo led has some at $13 for make and female. My brother works as chief field technician for mohpd and maintains all communications and is a whiz beyond belief. He is looking for some good options!
  3. Shoot me a link on where to purchase the plugs you are talking about. Would like to buy same cable and plugs lor uses to keep consistency.
  4. Started with basic software, will upgrade as soon as I buy more toys!
  5. Hey guys thanks for all of the input. I currently am playing with the 10 w rgb flood kit, would like to find permanent installation floods, and am wanting to purchase either dumb rgb strings and controller to decorate the house for christmas.been following for products for years for fun, and finally have decided to jump on the wagon. I am pretty savy with electrical, and can calculate voltage loss and so forth, but it is hard to find any products to make my own extensions, and the correct wire to use. Any help finding those items would be great. I really like to make all of my connections to the perfect length, and like clean installation. I am sure I can find much information here. Thanks again!
  6. Can anyone tell me if I can modify the length of, or put sections of wire to make spaced strands that fit my roof exactley?
  7. Has anyone cut pixel strings to length for custom applications? I have a very cut up roof and want to cut, and extend sections of lights for continuous strands.
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