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    I saw Mike Cole's display and was hooked. Later my wife researched lights on the web and found LOR. She showed it to me and asked if I would be interested in an early birthday gift, the rest is history.
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  1. Mark h2o

    Storage space

    I think dry and bug free is key.
  2. That sounds like some quality advice George. Got a question along your multiple track advice, if your working on a track with only a portion of the channels for one feature, will the visualizer show only those channels when you play back or will all other tracks that have data in that song also show up when watching the play back?
  3. Awesome, thanks Steven! There should be an archive with communication troubleshooting steps and solutions on one list such as this, Besides the search feature. Very helpful
  4. Steven, I know I could look it up but since you mentioned it what is the best way to make a line terminator? I'd like to be sure that I've done everything possible to safe guard the network.
  5. I've had this happen several times, usually when my data cable gets moved too close to the feeders going into my breaker panel (my cord just lays on the garage floor). I think it causes the USB port to do some strange things as well as the some of the controllers. Before I had the USB cable with ferrels it would lock up my driver and stop the entire show. I also have had a bad cable that I made cause some of the same issues.
  6. I'm waiting to get my licence email changed so I can use S3. I took pics today with all of my lights still up to import as the background image. I've been dreaming about this literally and reading this is getting me pumped to start using it. I hope having the arches and mega tree up in the pics will make it easier to set up the visualizer, at least I should be able to get the lights in the right spot.
  7. heystew, In case I missed it somewhere, how long does it take to sequence one song for something like that? It's incredible what you are doing, very awesome!
  8. friskybri wrote: LOL! Same here, I tried wrapping the branches on the trees this year and now I'm wishing I didn't watch so many Holdman vids. I'm going to film my lights tomorrow so at least I get to see it one more time.
  9. If it is a bad triac I hope you have a spare channel. A lot of people on here always recommend leaving a spare channel or two on ea controller for such events. I for one am an offender of this advice. What can I say, i live on the edge. LOL....
  10. It isn't by any chance a channel with LEDs is it?
  11. Turn the controller off, set the Unit ID switches to ‘00’ and turn it on for 10 seconds. Then turn it off and reset the Unit ID switches to the original value.
  12. no doubt, go with white/clear. Nothing really gives more of a classy look if you choose to leave them on for a few hrs after the end of the show.
  13. Ya you just worry about building it. The cars will come. I live at the end of a cul de sac too, I do no advertising and now have been having to do traffic control a few nights a week. It took a few years for it to happen but it's there now. Be careful what you wish for, it just may happen! Good luck and Merry Christmas
  14. Mark h2o


    Ya, Will and John are right, only use products rated for it's intended purpose. I hate to see corners cut because people had 'stuff' sitting around. (insurance co's don't like that either in the event something did go wrong) SPT is easy to use, and the plug ends are a nice fit and a quick install. It's also a lot less visible laying on the ground and lets you make all the custom length cords you need for a professional look. BTW, if you think you need 1000', buy 2000'. trust me on this one.
  15. Mike, your vids are awesome! can't wait to come by, just need to make some time. Looks like your timing for taking videos was not a moment to soon with this nasty blizzard we're getting. Hope your display holds up ok, I think I might start calling this winter weather the Cole curse, you just can't seem to get a break. Anyway, great job Mike, cue the traffic, lol
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