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  1. Hello and thanks For the help. I am new and Would like to know what Hardware I need to buy for What I would like to setup. Not worried about the software or programming the music. Just what would be the best Hardware for my needs. Parts list would be great and a brief description about what it controls. Thanks. My List. Standard Christmas Lights, Smart Pixels, Led light Strips, DMX Lights, Fog Machines (DMX), Snow Machine (DMX), Inflatables, Projectors, PC, MAC, Video Audio Animation Software, Singing Snowman Animation I made. What I need is a controller for standard lights 16 -32, Something to control DMX to LOR (2 or more Universes Preferred). A Controller to trigger a mp4 player. smart pixel controller, Led strip controller, And what ever else I might need. And if there is a diagram for the order I need to connect the part in would be great. What I would Like to do is to use my Animated snowman as a host or narrator/ Singer to tell stories and sing song with other videos or signing light animations. I am a big Disney Fan and would love to get to the Fantasmic or paint the night parade level. Thanks for any help.
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